Be the Change: Why Ugandan Youth Should Embrace Agriculture


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Uganda’s got a vibrant young population, and agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economy which employs about 65% of the working population. But there’s a gap—many youths are looking to cities for opportunities, leaving the vital sector understaffed.

President Yoweri K. Museveni has over the years encouraged the youth to join commercial agriculture, emphasising some models like the 4-acre model of agriculture. However, many youths have not responded positively to these calls and have opted for employment, but with the scarcity of jobs, many have been left unemployed.

Here’s why getting involved in agriculture could be an amazing choice for Ugandan youth:

Be Your Own Boss: Agriculture offers the chance to be your own entrepreneur. Imagine running a successful farm, managing your resources, and reaping the rewards of your hard work!

Connection to the Environment: With the current heatwaves, it’s no secret that global warming is taking shape the world over. Agriculture allows you to work directly with nature and learn about the environment. You can be part of the solution for sustainable food production, and oxygen production and maybe help in the fight against global warming.

High-Tech Help: Many youth are thrown off agriculture because of backbreaking labour, but gone are the days of backbreaking labour only. New technologies like precision farming and data analysis are making agriculture smarter and more efficient. Be part of the future!

Feeding the Nation: Uganda’s population is growing, and food security is vital. By being an agricultural producer, you’ll be playing a critical role in feeding your country, and wouldn’t that be something?

Cash Crops, Cool Careers: Agriculture isn’t limited to just subsistence farming.  Get involved in high-value crops like coffee or horticulture, or explore areas like aquaculture or poultry. International markets await you.

Job Creation and Economic Opportunity: Agriculture has a strong demand for new talent and innovation. There are many opportunities to create jobs and businesses related to farming, from agritourism to vertical farming.

Land of Opportunity: There’s a wealth of resources available for young Ugandan farmers. From government initiatives to training programmes, like Emyooga, and PDM among others. There’s support to help you succeed.

It’s true, that there are challenges—access to land, credit, and modern techniques can be tough. But with youth involvement in agriculture, the future is bright. So, young Ugandans, consider this: Agriculture isn’t just about the past; it’s about building a secure and rewarding future.

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