Bethel: The World’s Smallest Church Found in Uganda


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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest chapel in the world is found on the Niagara River in Canada, containing only six people. This fact remained undisputed until recent findings in Uganda proved that the Guinness Book of World Records needs to be updated. When I heard this, I decided to pack my bags and hit the road up to Biku Hill in Nebbi district, Northern Uganda, where the smallest chapel in the world is located.

This church was discovered by two United Nations workers on a mission while driving up Biku Hill. Solomon Oleny, Mubiru, and their friend Godfrey came across this beautiful chapel sitting on top of the hill. This astonishing chapel was built of stones with a height of 8ft and a width of 2.5 metres.

It was established in 1996 and named after retired Ugandan Arch-Bishop Orombi Henry Luke and a Korean, Song.

The centre is aimed at spiritual healing for individuals and church groups who want to have a personal encounter with God. There are nine prayer points that allow people to praise, pray, and meditate on the word of God.

The first prayer point is on the hilltop and is made of an amazingly big cross. Point two is opposite number one and is a trivial building with 12 windows on the western and eastern sides, signifying Jesus’ twelve disciples. At this point, we got a chance to pray for Uganda’s neighbours for peace and revival. The scenic views of Namrwodho Falls, a habitat for the rare shoe-bill stork, are astounding.

Point three is fashioned in the map of Africa with two entrances featuring ten (10) windows symbolising the ten (10) commandments. Points 4, 5, and 6 are positioned within a spacious, calm, and green garden, with point four constructed like a heart demonstrating Christ’s love with a cross made of 33 stones, signifying the 33 years of Christ Jesus.

Point four is in the shape of an arrow head, while prayer point five has 66 windows demonstrating the 66 books of the Bible, with 39 windows at the back signifying Old Testament books and 27 windows signifying New Testament books.

Point six, which is in an alter shape, is made of beautiful rough stones that will leave you appreciating your trip choice. Point seven is a globe-like structure found behind a gigantic rock with an open-ended cave at its base, where we had to crawl from one end to another to get a glimpse of Christ’s suffering. If one is fainthearted, this five-minute crawl through darkness will leave them terrified, although this is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

The eighth point is where the world’s smallest church is found—the Bethel church, with 12 windows at its entrance demonstrating the twelve (12) stones on Aaron’s breast plate. The church’s ceiling contains seven (7) beams demonstrating each colour of the rainbow, which signify God’s promise never to destroy the world with floods again. The eastern window gives views of the cross situated at point two’s highest peak, a view that signifies how Christians always look up to God.

Inside Bethel Chapel

There are also two head-to-head points along with the main chapel, which is big enough to accommodate 400 pilgrims; hence, everyone is welcome to pray.

Uganda takes great pride in having such marvellous architecture that is not even known to many, which proves that Uganda is the pearl of Africa. This is a site that I would recommend every person visit whenever they are able.

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