West Nile Leaders Urged to Embrace Intelligent Security Approaches, Aid in Combating Threats


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Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi, Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO), has urged the district leaders from west Nile to embrace security from an intelligent perspective and help in fighting the security threats that contribute to insecurity not only in the West Nile region but also in neighbouring districts.

Lt. Col. Katabazi said this while delivering a lecture to the district leaders of the West Nile subregion on November 22, 2023, at Nali-Kyankwazi.

“Security deals with threats that undermine law and order, affecting the freedoms of people, and they are political, social, economic, and scientific development at both individual, community, national, and regional levels,” Lt. Col. Katabazi stressed.

He stated that national threats are the capabilities, intentions, and will of the enemy to undermine law and order, public safety, and democratic governance.

“Among these are corruption, which takes the forms of bribery, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, and others, which remains a major threat and challenge to Uganda,” he said.

During his speech, Lt. Col. Katabazi stressed that cyber threats also pose a great challenge to security, and Uganda, like other countries around the world, is faced with emerging cyber threats due to rapid digital transformation.


According to Lt. Col. Katabazi, “terrorism has continued to be a threat to Uganda, primarily from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Alshabaab, and others.”

He further encouraged the West Nile district leaders to approach patriotism for socio-economic transformation, unity and development, support the ideology of the NRM, and support the national struggle to liberate Uganda.

Lt. Col. Katabazi also called for action from district leaders to use the information attained during the retreat to effectively communicate the NRM manifesto commitments to their masses and also continue with the monitoring process.

He called upon them to embrace a broader perspective on security, politics, and leadership. Lt. Col. Katabazi called for collective efforts in appreciating progress and urged the leaders to be the eyes and ears of the intelligence force upon whom nations rely and ensure the end of corruption is part of their daily routine.



He also stressed that, in securing the future, the NRM manifesto focuses on creating wealth and jobs, delivering education and health, ensuring justice, protecting lives and properties, and achieving economic and political integration.

“In implementing the manifesto, NRM has met both internal and external threats that undermine and disrupt government programmes like the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga, among others,” he said.

The message Lt. Col. Katabazi delivered resounded with the district leaders from West Nile to embrace the NRM manifesto implementation commitment and fight against insecurity as well.

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