Sarah Birete: The Activist who Preaches Water but Drinks Wine


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Jimmy Ssentongo, alias Spire, recently launched a Twitter exhibition intended to expose rot and inefficiency in both the public and commercial sectors, was entertaining for many keyboard warriors and activists until the exhibition’s focus shifted to civil society actors.

Sarah Bireete, the Executive director of the Centre for Constitutional Governance (CCG) and a known political commentator, has not been spared in the exhibition, as many former colleagues and employees exposed her for who she is and why she has no moral authority to comment on certain topics in Uganda.

Agather Atuhaire, a feminist, lawyer, journalist, and former employee, opened a can of worms when she shared screen shots from anonymous individuals who had worked with Sarah before and were accusing her of being tribalistic and sectarian and only employing her blood relatives and tribe mates.

Agather Atuhaire, feminist, lawyer, and journalist.

Sarah is also accused by former employees of being rude and very arrogant towards her employees, whom she treats as trash and never gives room for dialogue.

Sarah has also been accused of having connived with other board members to kick Rtd. Major Okwiri Rabwon off from the management of CCG and later snatch the organization from its original founding member, who is Rabwon.

In one of the screen shots shared on Twitter, Diana Nabimanya asked how Okwiri Rabwon, a founding member of CCG, is no longer in top management or in any top management position.

“Rabwon was once her colleague, and he even stood surety for her when she was arrested for embezzlement of funds when she was still an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; how could she do this to him?” Nabimanya questioned.

Sarah has also been accused of aiding and abetting sexual harassment at her workplace because she has always remained silent about a certain male staff member who sexually harasses female staff and has never been summoned and reprimanded, despite the fact that Sarah is always on TV and radio talking about decent working conditions.

Receipts in the same exhibition demonstrate that Sarah continues to pay her sister Miriam Kyomugasho, who has never visited the CCG offices and is currently abroad, but whose name remains on the payroll.

Sarah has also been implicated in a corruption scandal while at the helm of CCG, as she failed to account for the DGF fund given to the organization, which was for running advocacy programs on TV and radio.

“For a person who puts the government under pressure to provide accountability, we expected Sarah to do and be better,” said Agather.

Sarah is now like a preacher who says, Do what I say, but not as I do. She is preaching water, but for her, she is drinking wine.

“What a hypocrite she is, and thanks for exposing her for us to know the real person that she is,” Olowo Augustine stated.

Sarah is known for opposing the government and is always hosted on TV shows to give opinions on trending topics in Uganda. On numerous occasions, she has slammed the government and accused the president of being intolerant, tribalistic, corrupt, and a variety of other things, all of which appear to be the same things she has been accused of by others in her inner circle.

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