UPDF to Launch Satellite to Enhance Surveillance Capabilities—President Museveni


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President Museveni has said that the Ugandan army, UPDF, intends to participate in the deployment of satellites in outer space for surveillance purposes, aligning with other nations.

The force is increasingly gaining a broad capacity to address a wide range of threats. Upon the successful deployment of our satellite, it will serve as an addition to our existing capabilities by providing a vantage point from above, enhancing our visual perception. According to Museveni, the presence of eyes in that location is now limited, but the utilisation of satellite technology can potentially enhance the number of eyes available.

“We only had infantry when we first started, but now we have all the weapons and are preparing to launch a satellite,” Museveni added.

This was on Saturday during the pass-out of 295 cadet officers from the UPDF Land and Air Forces at the Uganda Military Academy Kabamba, located in Mubende district.

Of the 295 officer cadets, 32 were female, and 236 came from UPDF specialised departments like medical, ICT, engineering, the air force, education, finance, legal services, and procurement, among others. These cadets, according to Col. Wycliff Keita, Commandant of Uganda Military Academy Kabamba, represent the calibre of the younger generation of citizens who are choosing to serve their country by enlisting in the UPDF.

According to Museveni, the Ugandan army has experienced significant growth, emphasising that an increased aerial presence will enhance the capabilities of the UPDF.

He additionally stated that the UPDF encompasses various facets of national defence.

The president said that young people are fortunate to join the UPDF because it is currently in a more developed state than it was in the past, when it lacked the facilities that are available today.

“All of the land forces—artillery, infantry, armoured, and air force—are now developed. Your future is therefore bright now that you’re in this kind of force. I’m thrilled and want to congratulate everyone.” Museveni said.

Furthermore, the president provided reassurance to the cadets regarding the ongoing efforts to address the matter of soldier compensation and encouraged parents to engage in wealth creation.

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