Ugandans Reject Opposition Protests, Labeling Them as Obstructers of Progress


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The United Forces of Change, consisting of the National Unity Platform (led by Bobi Wine), Forum for Democratic Change Katonga (led by Erias Lukwago), and Alliance for National Transition (led by Mugisha Muntu), are facing heavy criticism from the majority of Ugandan citizens. Many believe that their recent protests hinder the progress of the very government they aspire to lead.

The controversy surrounding this alliance arose when they called on Ugandans to take to the streets and protest by planting banana suckers and fish in the potholes, highlighting the issue of poor road infrastructure in Kampala city. The demonstrations coincided with ongoing government events such as the Non-Aligned Movement, G77 summit, and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)summit.

Patrick Kamara, a seasoned journalist, pointed out the irony of figures like Erias Lukwago, the Kampala City Mayor, leading protests against the development of the city itself. This observation resonated with many Ugandans, leading them to question the true intentions of these opposition leaders.

On various social media platforms, Ugandans expressed their skepticism about whether the opposition’s protests were genuinely about addressing poor road infrastructure or if they aimed to sabotage the country’s economy—an act widely considered as a betrayal to their own homeland.

“These opposition figures are out of touch with reality. We need visitors to boost our economy through business deals, attract more tourists, and build strong international relationships. How can leaders who engage in such behavior expect to be taken seriously?” questioned an angry citizen.

Critics argue that members of the united forces of change are reminiscent of Marie Antoinette, the Austrian princess and wife of King Louis XVI, who allegedly told citizens to eat cake when there was a bread shortage. By asking Ugandans to uproot banana suckers and bring live fish to fill potholes, these opposition leaders are perceived as destroying valuable food resources.

“Imagine the number of bananas being wasted and the young fish being sacrificed. These resources could have fed the population and generated income,” expressed a disappointed bystander whose banana suckers were uprooted.

Another concerned citizen emphasized that while they might not agree with certain government policies, demolishing food sources and demanding the impossible, such as gathering fish, is not the solution.

Irene Kakai, an employee at Winnie Kizza’s fish finger factory in Kajjansi, shared her boss’s perspective.

“I overheard my boss, Kizza, telling people to bring fish to the streets to fill potholes. Afterward, she provided us with a list of potential buyers for our fish fingers. It seems these individuals have ulterior motives and only seek personal benefits,” Kakai revealed.

Justice Hunter, a dedicated supporter of the National Unity Platform, referred to the united forces of change as forces of destruction, rather than forces of change. He alleged that the group lacked seriousness, making a lot of noise during meetings but retracting when it came to taking action. Meanwhile, innocent Ugandans are left to face the brunt of the protests while the opposition members and their families remain in the safety of their homes, claiming they are under siege.

The majority of citizens rejected the forces of change protests, believing that such actions tarnish the country’s image and serve no sincere purpose. They argue that potholes did not suddenly appear during the Non-Aligned Movement summit but have existed for a long time. Thus, there is a widespread sentiment that any noise made about the issue should not have waited until this moment.

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