Uganda Kick starts Installation Of Border Post Security Scanners


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Uganda government has embarked on the installation of security scanners at all border posts in a move to avert terrorism activities and counter possible entry of illicit substances into the country. The operation started on Monday at the Uganda-Rwanda border.

The equipment that are being installed with full knowledge of both Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and immigration department shall include cargo, baggage and walk-through scanners.

A security source revealed that the scanners have ability to detect radioactive materials that include bombs and magnetic pulses.

Charles Wanjala, the URA south western region supervisor says the scanners are being installed at Mirama Hills, Katuna, Bunagana and Kyanika borders in an operation that kick started on Monday.

He says in addition to enhance border security manning, the machine shall also boost trade efficiency and avert possible illicit trade within the border post adding that it shall also minimize operation disagreement among different agencies manning the border.

“This will reduce cargo verification time from an hour to less than 10 minutes. The devices of NUC-tech mode 2021 have fast capacity to scan and record ultra sound and color images of at least 180 trucks per hour using dual energy technology,” Wanjala said.

Nelson Busobozi, the head of Mirama one-stop border post notes that the scanners are a restoration of confidence in security.

The scans operate when a truck or car passes through a gate like an opening attached to a truck where an image is taken to detail what’s carried and other vehicle components.

The pictures are then transmitted to the data center at the border post but also to the entire security system managed in Kampala for clearing and management.


Any suspicion on the vehicle occasions delays- conditioning further inspection and (suspicion) may also emerge from any additional materials besides the declared goods or a dangerous material identified in the scan.

This is the latest intervention by the government to enhance border security across the country.


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