Tricks employed by the US government to invade other countries: should Uganda be worried?


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Political analysts have weighed in on the US’s tricks used time and again, to invade other countries, they believe that due to Uganda’s discovery of resources such as oil, the US will use its known tricks on Uganda to invade it. These analysts have predicted that the USA will start by using their foreign policies of democracy, human rights violations, and terrorism as a cover to invade Uganda in order to exploit the country’s valuable resources like oil, as has been the trend in all the other oil-rich countries.

According to Charles Rwomushana, a political analyst, the attack on Mpondwe by the ADF is a US artifact; they planned it. That is why they issued a travel advisory to its citizens just days before the incident, because they knew what was coming.

“Ugandans should not be fooled; this has nothing to do with passing the anti-homosexuality bill, human rights violations, or terror acts in Uganda, the terror attacks are manufactured by the US; all these sanctions on some Ugandans are just a cover-up; the US is after our oil,” stated Rwomushana.

He further challenged Ugandans to ask themselves questions like: why now, when there is oil and gold, yet Uganda was once in worse terror attacks than now? Why issue travel advisory now? Why aren’t other countries issuing the same.

“You see, the US has mastered the act of tricks they employ, before they invade a country of interest to them, they start by making it unsafe for everyone, then go ahead and orchestrate some attacks like they have done with the ADF, to create fear, so that other countries believe and support its personal interests of invasion,” Rwomushana said.

The Ugandan government has come under attack in recent months from the US, accusing it of violating human rights, being insecure, and warning of terror attacks, which, as a matter of fact, came a few days after the US issued travel advisory bans, slapping travel bans on some Ugandans for overwhelmingly supporting the anti-homosexuality bill.

“Reconsider travel to Uganda due to crime, terrorism, and the anti-homosexuality bill; some areas have increased risk,” read the travel advisory.

According to the Congressional Research Service USA, there have been about 20 US invasions across the globe between 2000 and 2023; some have been purely humanitarian, but some have been entirely motivated by the US’s desire to control and undermine the supremacy of other states.

“The instances differ greatly in number of forces, purpose, extent of hostilities, legal authorization, and incidences where the US has declared war when its interests are threatened,” reads part of the congressional research report.

Some countries that have been attacked by the USA using its foreign policy tricks.

Iraq’s invasion by the US was due to allegations by the US that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and programs to develop such weapons, which posed a threat to the national security council of the United States and international peace.

According to Jessica Aizarani, US petroleum statistician, the US imports 1000 barrels of oil per day from Iraq, which was not the case during the regime of Saddam Hussein, when less than 600 barrels per day were imported.

Lydia’s invasion by the US and its allies in 2015–2019 was in support of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) against the Khadifi government, which they claimed was involved in grave human rights violations against its citizens.

However, some political experts say the US was in Lybia for oil and used Khadifi as a cover-up.

The US Embassy in Lybia, recently tweeted that they were concerned about the struggle for control of oil in Lybia and were following closely to find a solution.

“Deep concerns with Lybia’s national oil, we had preserved its national independence and worked effectively during the country’s turmoil, ” tweeted the US Embassy in Libya.

A report about Libya’s crude petroleum indicated that the US imports about $1.9 billion of Lybia’s crude oil each year.

Afghanistan’s invasion by the US They went into Afghanistan to pursue Al-Qaeda, claiming that the Taliban had given them safe haven to launch terror attacks on the US and its facilities across the globe.

However, the Afghanistan Crude Petroleum Report reported that Afghanistan has 1.8 billion barrels of oil, of which $50.6M million was imported to the US.

Uganda’s crude oil is estimated at 6.5 billion barrels, of which 1.4 are recoverable, so with the above background, it’s very likely that the US is looking for ways to get involved with Uganda’s hot natural resource.

Whether oil drove US to invade oil states, oil has long played a key role in the formulation of America’s foreign policy as it applied its military invasions where their  political and economic interventions flopped.

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