The Hypocrisy and Double Standards by Buganda Kingdom: Lessons to Learn from President Museveni


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Under the spotlight is the Buganda Kingdom, which has recently claimed responsibility for the arrest of social media influencer Ibrahim Musana, known as Pressure_24seven. Musana was apprehended on February 17, 2023, on charges of social media misuse and hate speech. His videos, containing abusive language directed at the Kabaka of Buganda and other officials, had gone viral. This article explores the hypocrisy and double standards exhibited by the Buganda Kingdom in its actions, highlighting the need for lessons to be learned from President Museveni’s approach.

The Buganda Kingdom’s Claim and Selective Application of the Law:

In a letter dated February 19, 2023, Israel Kazibwe Kitooke, the Buganda Kingdom’s information minister, declared that the complaint against Ibrahim Musana was initiated by the kingdom, acknowledging the involvement of concerned Ugandans in bringing Musana to justice. However, it is worth noting the inconsistent application of this approach, particularly when it comes to individuals associated with the National Unity Platform (NUP).

Double Standards in Addressing Abuse:

Musana and other NUP supporters have repeatedly used social media platforms to abuse and attack Buganda Kingdom officials, including the Katikiro and the Nabagereka. Remarkably, the Buganda Kingdom has failed to condemn such behavior or take legal action against prominent NUP figures like Fred Lumbuye and Abdul Kikomeko, who have consistently abused Buganda officials. Bobi Wine himself, has been seen celebrating the birthdays of these individuals, endorsing their activities without offering any criticism.

Selective Outrage and Political Bias:

Furthermore, it is essential to highlight that Bobi Wine, NUP supporters, and social media influencers affiliated with their movement frequently resort to hate speech against President Museveni, his family, and other members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Despite continuous complaints by NRM supporters, the Buganda Kingdom has never condemned these actions or called Bobi Wine’s followers to account for their behavior. This selective outrage and political bias undermine the credibility of the Buganda Kingdom and raise concerns about its commitment to addressing hate speech.

President Museveni’s Leniency and Calls for Unity:

In stark contrast to the Buganda Kingdom’s actions, President Museveni has consistently displayed leniency by refraining from arresting social media abusers, including those targeting him and his family. This approach is aligned with his calls for unity and his stance against tribal and sectarian politics. The president’s ability to rise above personal attacks and focus on national unity sets an example that the Buganda Kingdom should consider.

Lessons to Learn and Moving Forward:

The actions of Ibrahim Musana and other NUP supporters highlight a brand of politics characterized by intolerance, disrespect, and ideological disorientation. It is crucial for the Buganda Kingdom to condemn such behavior, including that of Bobi Wine and associated bloggers and vloggers. If it is genuinely about freedom of speech, Musana should have been allowed to exercise his right, rather than facing arrest. The sectarian politics promoted by Bobi Wine and his party are unsustainable, advocating for unity and learning from President Museveni’s approach is necessary for progress.

In conclusion, the Buganda Kingdom’s recent actions in pursuing Ibrahim Musana for social media misuse and hate speech raise questions about their consistency and selective application of the law. Failure to address abuses committed by NUP supporters and the lack of condemnation for hate speech against President Museveni and his family demonstrate a double standard. President Museveni’s leniency and promotion of unity provide valuable lessons for the Buganda Kingdom. Moving forward, it is imperative that the Buganda Kingdom takes a more balanced and objective approach to addressing abusive behavior, regardless of political affiliations.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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