Ssenyonyi Misappropriates LOP Resources to Appease Bobi Wine


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The Leader of Opposition (LoP) Joel Ssenyonyi of the 11th parliament has allegedly given his official lead car, fueled and maintained by Parliament, to the National Unity Platform (NUP) Party President Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, to aid in his national tours.

According to sources, the police double cabin pickup with a driver and four police escorts assigned to Ssenyonyi as the LoP now works as a lead car for Kyagulanyi during his country tours.

“It is quite interesting that a government-owned car, fueled and maintained on tax payers money, is now being used as a leader car for Bobi Wine without shame, yet these very people keep making noise about how others are misusing government resources,” the source said.

The sources further revealed that the double cabin with uniformed police officers under the office of the Leader of Opposition led Kyagulanyi’s convoy from Kamuli to Pallisa while he toured those districts.

“These guys act so shamelessly; they use resources assigned to the office of the LOP to carry out personal errands, and tomorrow they will be all over social media making noise about accountability and who is misusing government funds. Does the LOP think it is morally right to use his office for NUP’s activities?” the source

However, Musamali Davis, a member of NUP, revealed that Ssenyonyi is between a rock and a hard place, as he feels obligated to please and appease Bobi Wine in order to keep his seat and position as LoP.

“You know, ever since the United Kingdom Parliament Members suggested that Ssenyonyi is the best candidate, Bobi Wine is not himself; he does not trust anyone in the party, so Ssenyonyi has to show him that he is not against him, even if it means giving up his official lead car to pave the way for principle,” said Musamali.

Musamali was quick to add that there is a lot of friction and pressure in that party at the moment since, according to Musamali, Bobi Wine intends to announce the next party ticket holders soon.

“Ssenyonyi does not want to be denied a party ticket by his boss, who is known to be unpredictable and acts according to mood and not reason. With the 2026 general elections drawing near, the political space is getting very hot and uncomfortable for so many people,” Musumali added.

Patrick Wakida, a political analyst, states that it is morally wrong for an individual to use a government vehicle that is maintained, serviced, fueled, and whose driver and bodyguard are paid by the taxpayers money, adding that the people using the government vehicle are abusing their office and should be held accountable.

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