Significance of Continuous Learning in Delivering Effective Leadership – Richard Todwong


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Richard Todwong, the Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), has emphasized the importance of continuous learning for leaders during his address to Councilors from the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). Todwong highlighted that effective leadership requires keeping up with the evolving dynamics of society, including changing interests, population, assets, focus, and technology.

Speaking at the Intelligence Training Institute on  February 14, 2024 – in Entebbe, where the councilors are participating in a week-long leadership and patriotism course, Todwong pointed out that many leaders underestimate the value of learning. He stressed that leaders who do not actively seek knowledge will never be able to keep up with the constantly growing and changing society they lead.

“Society is continuously growing and evolving, and leaders cannot afford to remain stuck in their ways. Continuous learning is essential for leaders to recognize their weaknesses, avoid drifting into anarchy, and prevent becoming dictators who alienate people and make enemies due to a lack of educational growth,” Todwong stated.

He commended the councilors for their willingness to learn and urged them to understand the significance of continuous learning in connection with effective leadership, particularly in a world that is in a constant state of flux.

Todwong further emphasized that as leaders, it is essential to build relationships with others in order to develop the country. He acknowledged that Kampala, being a unique city with diverse backgrounds and individuals seeking employment, faces critical challenges that must be addressed. Regardless of personal differences, leaders need to prioritize peace, security, and be aware of the geopolitical situation, considering Kampala’s role as a transit city for the Great Lakes region.

“To comprehend the uniqueness of your leadership position, you must first understand that Kampala, and indeed Uganda, is a center of Africa. The city attracts people from across the continent, bringing in various ideas and making it a hub of activities,” Todwong explained.

Todwong highlighted the need for leaders to remain vigilant about security and work collaboratively with others. He encouraged the councilors to be magnets for positive change, emphasizing that their leadership should focus on improving the lives of ordinary people, regardless of their political affiliations.

Maj. Gen. Sam Kavuma, the Deputy Chief Coordinator of Wealth Creation (OWC), echoed Todwong’s sentiments about the importance of learning and knowledge. He emphasized that knowledge is power and leaders must equip themselves to lead effectively, as individuals without knowledge are akin to blind leaders guiding other blind followers.

Maj Gen Kavuma, the deputy chief cordinator Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) addressing KCCA councilors in Entebbe
Maj Gen Kavuma, the deputy chief cordinator Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) addressing KCCA councilors in Entebbe

Gen Kavuma discussed three prevalent problems in society today: poverty, unemployment, and an understanding of what leadership entails. He urged everyone to question the root causes of these issues rather than merely complaining about them.

Using his military experience as an analogy, Kavuma emphasized the importance of planning and identifying the enemy before engaging in any fight. Similarly, leaders need to comprehend the causes of societal challenges and develop plans to overcome them.

Kavuma concluded by pointing out that a change in attitudes is crucial to achieving prosperity. Observing that the rich in Uganda have successfully capitalized on the resources provided by God and government enablers like like, security, infrastructure,democracy among others. He also highlighted the importance of leaders adopting a positive mindset and actively tapping into available resources.

“A leader who embraces continuous learning, works alongside others regardless of political affiliation, and harnesses the God-given resources and government enablers can lead the country out of poverty, unemployment, and its associated challenges,” said Gen  Kavuma.

The address by Richard Todwong and General Samuel Kavuma left the councilors inspired to prioritize their personal growth, embrace learning, and commit to effective leadership. Their message served as a reminder that a well-informed and collaborative leadership approach is fundamental to driving positive change in Ugandan society.

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