Shameful Scenes Erupt at Eperu’s Burial as Besigye and Amuriat Fight for Microphone


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Rtd Col Kizza Besigye the former President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), and Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat the current President of FDC Najjankumbi displayed undignified scenes where they exchanged bitter words over who should speak during the memorial service of their fallen comrade Sarah Eperu who was laid to rest on April 13, 2024, in Koloin, Ngora District.

According to family and friends, who had gathered to send off their loved one, Besigye and Amuriat who have a longtime rivalry politically shattered the sad atmosphere with an unexpected display of arrogance when they both reached for the microphone when the main celebrant at the funeral announced that only two people were allowed to speak.

“It started as a simple disagreement which escalated into a heated exchange of words, as to who should speak, their voices were so loud, they threw accusations and insults at each other,  whispers and murmurs spread through the crowd with attendees expressing a mix of shock,” one family member said.

The mourners were disappointed at the way, Sarah’s send-off was spoiled by the undignified character from Besigye and Amuriat, locals questioned the moral authority of the two men amongst themselves and wondered how a whole doctor and engineer would behave in such a manner by claiming the microphone before any member of the clan or family eulogized their departed relative.

Amuriat accused Besigye of wanting to own Sarah’s funeral yet he is no longer holding any political post in FDC and that Katonga had failed to handle the body of the late. However, Besigye denounced the abrupt end of speeches before he and his team could eulogize the late.

“Besigye has come here to turn Sarah’s funeral into a joke,” Amuriat lamented.

Following Sarah’s death, both political factions claimed ownership of the body, according to sources, in FDC, both Najjanakumbi and Katonga paid different funeral service providers to handle the body of the deceased, who breathed her last from Life Link Hospital in Kampala, of renal complications.

“Katoga faction under the guidance of Besigye paid Rhino funeral services, whereas Najjanakumbi paid A plus funeral services, we had hoped their conflicts had stopped here in Kampala,  but seeing that, they carried the same behavior to Ngora it is so shameful, no wonder our opponents have reduced our party to people who speak at funerals,” stated the sources.

Amuriat held a presser today Aril 15, 2024 at Najjanakumbi and called upon Besigye to refrain from using violence and defiance everywhere he goes and advised him that, he should be ashamed of the way he behaved at the funeral of Sarah adding that, as Najjanakumbi they will not support such behaviors.

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