President Museveni Urges MPs to Drive Socio-Economic Transformation, Warns against Mismanagement of Gov’t Funds


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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reminded Members of Parliament and other leaders in the country that they are the ones who must cause the highly desired socio-economic transformation in Uganda.

The President, who addressed the 11th Parliament from Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on Thursday, 16th March 2023, told the legislators that the purpose of the meeting was mainly to reaffirm the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government’s stand on the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga as some of the drivers being emphasized to help Ugandans fight poverty and create wealth for themselves.

He cautioned the leaders against mismanaging PDM and Emyooga funds, saying that whoever is caught jeopardizing  the programs will be dealt with accordingly.

I wanted to reaffirm our stand on the PDM and the Emyooga. Don’t worry, anybody who messes up, we shall mess them up also. We shall educate our people until they understand,” he cautioned. 

He advised Ugandans to hold their leaders accountable and to be more involved in the programs rather than sitting back and leaving them to the leaders.

“The other day, I saw some youth on television, saying, we hear about PDM but we don’t see it,” he said.

“Go and look for it, it is your fault. Go to the Parish and check it is your money, or check with your MP,” he added.

During his recent visit to the Acholi sub-region, according to the President, Wananchi (ordinary people) told him about the parasites that were swarming around the PDM and Emyooga money like flies.

“I will decisively follow up on the attempted stealing of the money
. If they tampered with that money, they will lay for that treachery,” he emphasized.

The President also reminded Ugandans that each parish was supposed to get UGX 17 million from the PDM, however, he noted that some, had received less than agreed upon amount.

“Some got 7 million, others, 10 million. Where is the rest of the money, those who eat that money will get problems from it,” he warned.

According to the President, 10,594 PDM SACCOs are to be formed. Currently,9,538 SACCOs, which is 90% of the target, have been formed.

President Museveni further urged Ugandans to aggressively support the NRM principles in order to achieve economic growth.

The principles of National Resistance Movement (NRM) are Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Socio Economic Transformation and Democracy.

During the same address, Museveni condoled with the families of the four students of Kasaka Senior Secondary School who were killed by a Sino Truck Lorry that rammed into a classroom block on Tuesday. He ordered State House Comptroller, Jane Barekye to send Shs. 5 million to each of the aggrieved families.

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