President Museveni Urges Free Education as Anti-AIDS Measure at World AIDS Day Commemoration in Rakai


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President Yoweri Museveni emphasized the crucial role of free education in government schools to combat HIV/AIDS among adolescents aged 15+ during the commemoration of World AIDS Day held in Kibaale, Rakai district. Speaking on December 1, the President called for the elimination of fees that hinder children’s access to education, describing education as a vital anti-AIDS measure.

President Museveni admonished head teachers who continue to impose fees on students, despite the government’s efforts to provide education freely. He stated, “Let’s empower them and make education an anti-AIDS measure.”

In addition to advocating for accessible education, the President highlighted the significance of prevention in the battle against HIV/AIDS. He urged parents to counsel their children from an early age, emphasizing that prevention is paramount. While treatment options are available, contracting the virus can have serious health implications.

Echoing the sentiment, President Museveni encouraged individuals living with HIV/AIDS to adopt a positive mindset and adhere to prescribed medical treatments. He expressed gratitude to exemplary figures like Dr. Watiti, who have demonstrated that living longer with the virus is possible.

The World AIDS Day event, held in Kibaale Town Council, Rakai District, adopted the theme “Ending AIDS by 2030, Keeping Communities at the Centre.” President Museveni who was the Chief Guest at the ceremony.

Dr. Musoba the Director General of the Uganda AIDS Commission highlighted the significant progress achieved in Uganda’s fight against HIV/AIDS, citing a reduction in the number of new infections and AIDS-related deaths. The event aimed to promote solidarity with individuals living with HIV/AIDS while raising awareness about the importance of preventing the spread of the virus.

As the nation observed World AIDS Day, President Museveni’s call for free education aims to address one crucial aspect of combatting the epidemic, ensuring that children can access quality education without financial barriers.

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