President Museveni Pledges to Fight Anyone Hindering Gov’t Programmes


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The President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has stated that he is prepared to deal with individuals trying to impede government programmes rolled out to benefit Ugandans.

According to President Museveni, there will be no tolerance for anyone sabotaging government programmes such as Universal Primary Education (UPE), Universal Secondary Education (USE), and the Parish Development Model (PDM), among others.

“We shall not tolerate anyone who wants to undermine and hinder the government programmes that benefit the poor Ugandans,” Museveni said.

He made remarks during the 38th National Resistance Movement (NRM) Anniversary Liberation Celebrations held on Friday, January 26, 2024, at St.John Secondary School in Jinja City in the Eastern region of Busoga.

The president stated that while travelling to Jinja, some locals approached him and raised concerns about heads of schools exploiting parents and students who are supposed to benefit from UPE and USE initiatives, among others.

“Before we came into power, the rate of illiteracy was high in Uganda. However, we embarked on introducing these programmes to help our people,” he said.

He added that UPE and USE were introduced to further the children of the poor Ugandans, stating that no one should hinder their operation in Uganda.

While addressing visitors and locals in Jinja, President Museveni committed to prioritising health care for the people of Busoga and the country as a whole by ensuring that hospitals have an adequate supply of medicines.

Museveni explained that the only reason for deteriorating health service delivery is the theft of drugs in hospitals by some medics; however, he said that the government has come up with mechanisms to solve the challenge.

The President of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, also hailed Busoga region for its support during the liberation struggle. He acknowledged different individuals in Busoga region for their contribution to the liberation struggle and urged them to carefully listen to and understand the NRM ideology.

“I would like to thank the people of Busoga because they took part in the struggle that brought this government into power. In 1972, we had a group in Busesa, and we had another group in Kiterera Forest. In the second round, we had people like Kivejinja, and they had been supporting us all the time. After the victory, you have been supporting NRM, so I am therefore very happy that we are having these celebrations here,” Museveni said.

The president pledged to the construction of roads, increasing household incomes through the famous Parish Development Model, Emyooga, and the youth fund, among others.

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