President Announces Tough Actions Against Corrupt Government Officials


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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has announced tough actions against corrupt government officials, saying they are impeding the development of the country.

Describing the corrupt officials as parasites, President Museveni warned them to stop asking for bribes and to assist those he termed “wealth creators.

While presiding over the International Labour Day held at Namutumba District headquarters on May 1st, Monday, the President said corrupt officials in government will soon lose their appetite to steal public resources.

“Don’t ask for a bribe. Assist the wealth creators. We have got two enemies whom I am going to fight, and you are going to hear the fight. These are corrupt politicians and civil servants,” said President Museveni.

According to President, the corrupt officials in government are the ones frustrating efforts to spur development in the country.

“These are the ones interfering with your future. These are the ones disturbing the investors, asking for bribes, and delaying decisions. All of you parasites and non-patriots, stop! Because I will definitely collide with you,” said the president.

President said: This is the main problem now. We had problems with infrastructure and others, but now the main problem is parasites.

On the current road infrastructure network, the president said the government is committed to increasing the budget for roads in the districts for road maintenance.

“On my way here, I did not experience any difficulty at all. As we expose the bad roads, we should not forget the good ones. We shall also ensure the tarmac roads are well maintained and repaired,” said President Museveni.

He also cautioned the Uganda Development Bank (UDB) against delaying investors from accessing loans that the government has put up to support and finance productions at all levels.

“You people of UDB, why are you delaying and tiring people out, telling them to go and return continuously? Decide quickly. This goes for other agencies,” said the president.

Regarding jobs in Uganda, the president said statistics from the gender ministry indicate that about 10 million people have jobs now and others don’t.

“When we talk of Labour Day, the emphasis would be on how we can create more jobs,” he emphasized.

The army has done its work, and they have stabilized the country; the policies of the government are good; that’s why we have investors coming in, he added.

This year’s celebration was held under the theme “Promoting positive work, culture, and ethics: A perspective for increased investment, employment opportunities, and household incomes.”


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