Police Intensify Security Measures for NAM Summit with Dedicated Command Centre and Joint Task Force


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In preparation for the upcoming NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) summit, the Uganda police force, in collaboration with various security agencies, has recently established a state-of-the-art command centre at Speke Resort Monyonyo. This command centre will serve as the nerve center for ensuring the safety and security of the esteemed delegates who have already begun to arrive for the much-anticipated event.

During a press conference held on January 12, 2024, at the police headquarters in Naguru, the police spokesperson, SCP Fred Enanga, unveiled the comprehensive security arrangements that have been put in place. Enanga explained that a multi-faceted team, consisting of the anti-terrorism department, fire-rescue services, and other joint security units, will work together to safeguard the delegates from any potential threats. Their responsibilities will encompass securing the arrival of the delegates, their convoys, as well as the venues where they will be residing throughout the summit.

“We have a well-comprised and composite team consisting of various specialized units such as general duties, CID (Criminal Investigations Directorate), crime intelligence, ISO (Internal Security Organization), CMI (Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence), counter-terrorism, K9, fire rescue, police air wing, UPDF air force, police services, and traffic,” said Enanga.

He emphasized that these security measures aim to instill confidence and reassurance in the delegates, while also asserting that there have been no specific threats directed towards the summit at this stage.

The police spokesperson also appealed to all delegates to cooperate fully with the requests made by the security teams deployed at and around the venues, especially during the check and search procedures. This level of cooperation will expedite the process while ensuring the safety and smooth flow of the event.

Enanga further reminded the delegates to maintain a heightened sense of vigilance and promptly report any suspicious activities or objects that seem out of place. The police force aims to create an environment where everyone feels secure and empowered to take an active role in maintaining a safe atmosphere during the summit.

As the NAM summit approaches, Uganda is eager to exhibit its capability to host such an important international gathering while ensuring the highest standards of safety and security. The establishment of the dedicated command centre and the joint task force is a testament to the country’s commitment to preserving a secure environment for all participants.

With the combined efforts of the Uganda police force, allied security agencies, and the vigilance of the delegates themselves, the NAM summit promises to be a successful and secure event, fostering meaningful discussions and fostering diplomatic relations among participating nations.

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