Police Fire Brigade Averts Fire at Greenhill Junior School


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The Police Fire Brigade in Mityana has managed to control a fire outbreak at Greenhill Junior School, located in Bbuye-Kikumbi LC, Busimbi Division of Mityana Municipality.

According to SP Racheal Kawala, the Public Relations Officer of Wamala Region, the incident came to the attention of authorities at approximately 6:20 PM on the evening of August 8th, 2023. She thanked the fire brigade for their prompt response, which saw them contain the fire within the boy’s dormitory.

“The well-coordinated response by the fire brigade was immediate, ensuring their prompt arrival at the school premises. Thanks to the decisive efforts of the fire brigade, the flames were extinguished promptly, preventing the situation from escalating into a catastrophic event. The fire was contained within a four-room structure designated as a boys’ dormitory,” Kawala said.

Kawala says that one of the rooms, measuring 8×8 feet, suffered substantial damage while the remaining three rooms were successfully spared from harm.

However, the room that bore the brunt of the fire outbreak contained various items such as wooden beds, mattresses, clothing, books, basins, and other personal effects.

“Despite the damage imposed on these materials, it is a relief to report that no casualties or injuries were recorded,” she added.

Police state that the initial investigations point to an electric short circuit as the likely cause of the fire, and they call upon school administrators to take proactive measures to ensure the safety of their institutions by installing fire extinguishers in key locations.

Additionally, police urged schools to enlist the services of licenced electricians when undertaking any electrical installations to mitigate potential hazards.

On Monday afternoon, a fire gutted a dormitory at St. Regina Nursery and Primary School in Kikuube town council, Kikuube district, leading to the loss of numerous belongings of students. Fortunately, no student was harmed.

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