Panic in Buyende as Barbie Kyagulanyi Recruits Children into Homosexuality


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On 05th Feb 2023, Barbie Kagulanyi wife to Bobi wine together with Waiswa Mufumbiro arrived in Dema Village Buyende district, at the home of the late Kamuyat Namuli where she recruited the late Kamuyat’s daughter into a school known for homosexuality.

According to Prossy Naigambi a neighbor to the late Kamuyat’s mother, Paul Mwase, the LC1 chairman moved around residents homes the previous day, informing them about Barbie’s visit. He told them she would be coming to help out with the children’s school fees and requested them to send the children to mama Kamuyat’s home early morning.

“We did as asked, and many kids were sent to Kamuyat’s mothers’ house where they gave some soap, sugar, cooking oil, rice to Kamuyat’s mother. They also gave out biscuits of Ugx100 to children in order to get them into the pictures,” Naigambi said.

According to Naigambi, the stuff given to Kamuyat’s mother was to help her woo the villagers into giving their children to Barbie claiming they are going to educate them.

“Kyagulanyi’s wife convinced the old lady that she has an NGO and would like to take our children with her, but all of us refused apart from mama Kamuyat who accepted to let go her grandchild, Fatuma,” said Naigambi.

“Fatuma, the lates’ daughter didn’t want to leave her family and was scared and cried uncontrollably but Mufumbiro kept on wiping her tears and convincing her to go with them,” Naigambi continued.

According to the neighbor, Fatuma’s resistance was based on the fact that she knew she was going to be recruited into homosexual acts as the community was aware of the Kyagulanyi’s affiliation to the LQBTQ+ community.

“My husband is a primary teacher, he has always shared with the children in the neighborhood the dangers of homosexuality and we hear this same family has a foundation for such, we fear for this child will be initiated into those bad habits and we are worried she might return to teach our children, I wonder what the LC1 was thinking when he let them come here,” Naigambi revealed.

However, according to Paul Mwase the LC1 chairman, the visitors did not inform him of their true intentions saying they promised to sponsor the children as they studied from home not to be taken away.

“They never mentioned anything about taking them away. They only said they wished to sponsor the children that’s why I was happy to escort them. But I later noticed their agenda was to just have pictures with our children and post them on social media, for reasons best known to her, I suspect it is for political capital,” Mwase stated.

According to Mwase, Kamuyat had only one daughter, but all the children gathered from village members are claimed to belong to Kamuyat.

“When you check in the papers they claimed all our village children in that picture belong to the late. I see a lot of news about how they get money using false stories, and I’m not surprised that she employed the same method, but I’m ashamed she almost fooled me.  Fortunately even though my village mates are poor, they care about who they give their children and are not stupid,” Mwase said.

Recently, Kyagulanyi and other NUP members have come under a lot of criticism for many injustices to the people of Uganda such as promoting homosexuality and parading fake torture victims in Kenya among others.



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