Over 200 KCCA Officials Join Leadership and Patriotism Course for Socio-Economic Transformation at Entebbe


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Over 200 officials from the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) have gathered at the Intelligence Training Institute in Entebbe for a one-week course on leadership and patriotism. The course is being attended by councilors, coordinators, mobilizers, and even persons with disabilities from the five divisions of KCCA.

The Commandant of the institute, Major Jones Rugumya, explained that the objective of the course is to provide the participants with essential knowledge and skills in leadership that will enable them to contribute to the socio-economic transformation of Uganda, particularly in the Kampala Metropolitan area.

“The course will cover leadership, patriotism, threats to national security, the political history of Uganda, political economy, ways of thinking, media and national development, and government socio-economic programmers,” said Maj Rugumya.

The official opening of the course took place today, February 12, 2024, with Col. Emmy Katabazi, the Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO), presiding over the ceremony. In his address, Col. Katabazi emphasized the importance of discipline and interactive discussions during the training.

He urged the participants to approach the teachers and their fellow trainees with an open mind, fostering an environment of learning and growth.

“As leaders, it is crucial for you to analyze yourselves and determine whether you are part of the solution or the problem,” Col. Katabazi asserted. He encouraged the attendees to be honest in their interactions and recognize the value of the instructors, who are highly esteemed officers. Referring to their mandate from the Chairman and Secretary General of the ruling party, NRM, he emphasized the importance of following instructions and maintaining orderliness.

Highlighting the significance of making one’s bed, Col. Katabazi explained that it symbolizes a disciplined and organized approach to the day. He noted that individuals who leave their beds scattered portray a lack of organization and how their day unfolds is often influenced by this initial aspect. According to Col. Katabazi, making the bed is the first lesson in the culture of security.

Furthermore, Col Katabazi stressed that the trainees will return to their respective positions as better leaders, ready to combat corruption. He acknowledged that corruption is not limited to a particular political party, rather it is a universal issue.

Col. Katabazi commended a previous group from Wakiso district, who successfully completed the same training and remained committed to fighting corruption without leaving their political affiliations.

As the one-week course progresses, it is expected that the participants will gain valuable insights, sharpen their leadership skills, and establish a strong foundation of patriotism. This initiative also aims to cultivate competent and responsible leaders who will contribute to the development and progress of the Kampala Metropolitan area.

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