OPINION: Dr. Besigye’s Health a Hindrance to His Political Career 


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Dr. Besigye returned mid-month from Geneva, where he had gone to seek specialized treatment. The usually active Dr. went silent in the month of February, as he had taken ill with a condition he says is not curable but just manageable. He also stated that a lot of rest was recommended by his doctors in Geneva.

“When I first felt unwell, I thought I had been poisoned, and being a medical doctor, I thought I could handle my situation well. But I kept feeling unwell, so I had to fly out to my family and seek for better treatment,” said Besigye.

Besigye went on to say that he was diagnosed with a viral infection, for which there is no known treatment other than lots of rest and supportive therapies.

According to Stephen Bampigga, a political activist, politics requires lengthy hours of meetings and consultations, which will only wear him out more if he participates in politics as strongly as he has in the past.

“We appear to be seeing Dr. Besigye at the end of his political career, because he is not doing well health-wise and says his medical problem can only be healed by God’s grace,” Bampigga added.

Besigye invited a press conference at his offices on Katonga Road in Kampala on April 18, 2023, shortly after his return from Geneva, and revealed that he will retire from politics after his mobilization is successful. Besigye also stated that he is willing to sit down with President Museveni, a sign that he believes his political career is over.

However, a source close to Dr. Besigye revealed that he did not only get specialized treatment but also used the son’s associations with the gay community to solicit for funds to inject into his defiance politics while in Geneva.

“Besigye returned with money after his visit to Geneva and wants to inject it into his political mobilizations, but with his ill health he may not push much, as the doctors advised him to rest and take it slow,” said the source.

According to the source, the funds are meant to facilitate his planned demonstrations around Kampala.

“The funds from the gay donors are going to be used to pay demonstrators, buy demonstration equipment and facilitate opposition leaders who will be willing to participate in the demonstrations,” the source added.

Besigye’s deteriorating health, his willingness to meet with President Museveni, and his support for gays indicate that his illustrious political career is nearing its inevitable end.

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