NUP Leadership Plan to Drop Ssegirinya in the 2026 Elections


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The National Unity Platform (NUP) is in the final stages of replacing Mohammed Ssegirinya, the Kawempe North MP, in a dramatic change. The party’s leadership is considering Suleiman Kidandala for this critical parliamentary slot come the 2026 elections.

Kidandala stated that his leaders at the party believe backing Ssegirinya, who only rose to fame due to comical politics (edobozi lye Kyebando), would be a major mistake that they could not make twice.

Kidandala added that the court’s preferential treatment of Ssegirinya’s earlier academic queries has raised questions about his academic qualifications, saying that he lacks even a minimal S.4/Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). Furthermore, there are claims that the party leaders persuaded him to study while he was in prison which fell on deaf ears.

“Ssegirinya does not have the required academic requirements; he was favored by the court last time. While he was still in prison, our leaders approached him and asked him to use his time behind bars by furthering his studies, but he did not listen to the advice,” said Kidandala.

He further stated that he feels for Ssegirinya, but in terms of the party, they are willing to stop at nothing to get as many members of parliament come 2026. Besides our leaders at Kamwokya have lost trust in him, much as he is sick, for collaborating with Mohammed Nsereko whom the principal does not get along with.

According to Nsereko, the person NUP intends to replace is in Netherlands, fighting for his life due to cancer and rather than stand with him at this moment, they are planning for his overthrow, how selfish and hypocritical they are.

“The same Bobi wine refused, fundraising for Ssegirinya and now they are chasing him out of the party, over baseless lies,” said Nsereko.

Joyce Bagala, the Woman Member of Parliament Mityana, recently revealed that, they will do everything possible to grow NUP’s support, so does weeding out, some of their members they deem a threat and not worthy part of the plan, to gain support?

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