NUP Leadership Accuses Katikro of Concealing Kakaba’s Whereabouts, Labels Him an Enemy of Buganda


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The National Unity Platform Party President, Robert Kyagulanyi, has leveled serious accusations against Buganda’s Katikro, Charles Peter Mayiga, alleging that he is deliberately concealing the whereabouts of the Kabaka, further branding him as an enemy of Buganda. These claims come after Mayiga’s recent address to the press, in which he appealed for privacy and requested that the Kabaka be given the space to receive treatment and recuperate peacefully.

During a press conference at the NUP headquarters on May 13, 2024, Kyagulanyi vehemently rejected Mayiga’s request, asserting that it is Mayiga’s responsibility to inform the people of Buganda about the location of their Kabaka. “Oyo Mayiga talina buyinza–in other words, Mayiga has no authority–to deny Baganda the right to access and know the whereabouts of their Kabaka. We are all Baganda, and he is our Kabaka,” Kyagulanyi declared.

This recent clash appears to signify Kyagulanyi’s determination to engage in a confrontation with the Katikiro. Just last week, at a reception for a member of the Ngo clan, Kyagulanyi commended Professor Badru Kateregga for demanding information on the Kabaka’s location and health status from Mayiga.

Kyagulanyi expressed his appreciation for the professor’s outspokenness and declared that they have been making similar demands on social media platforms. However, some members present at the Lukiko disclosed that Kyagulanyi misinterpreted the professor’s statements and twisted the narrative to suit his own agenda.

According to these Lukiiko members, Professor Kateregga simply inquired about the Kabaka’s well-being and suggested that Mayiga should provide brief updates on the Kabaka’s health. Their intention was to avoid unnecessary speculation by overzealous individuals in the media, considering the Kabaka’s request for privacy during his recovery.

“Professor Kateregga did not demand that Katikro Mayiga reveal the whereabouts of the Kabaka; he simply inquired about his health and advised Katikiro to always give brief updates on the Kabaka’s health,” One Lukiiko member stated.

This member went on to express their disappointment in Kyagulanyi’s attempt to incite unrest against the Katikiro and how it confirmed their suspicions that the NUP had been behind the Kabaka’s social media attacks.

The Lukiiko member further expressed support for the Kabaka and the Katikiro, emphasizing that Kyagulanyi’s statements only served to exacerbate tensions within the Kingdom. They questioned why Kyagulanyi, who refers to himself as the “Musajja wa kabaka” (Man of the Kabaka) would create chaos within the Kingdom when everyone is already aware of the Kabaka’s condition.

“If you claim to love someone so much, do you wait for him to become ill before making a fuss and not giving him enough time to receive treatment and recover?” the member pondered.

On the other side, Mayiga reiterated that the Kabaka is doing well and assured the public that he would return to the people once he feels fully recovered.

“The Kabaka is doing well, and once he feels much better, he will return to his people and speak with them.” Let us give him some time to get treatment,” Mayiga said.

Mayiga also expressed his confusion over the demands being made by certain individuals, questioning what they truly want. He highlighted the fact that when the Kabaka was in Buganda, they were criticized for not seeking treatment abroad. Yet, now that he is receiving treatment abroad, they are being criticized for hiding him from public view.

Political experts believe that the NUP’s intensified attacks on the Katikiro stem from Mayiga’s exposure of the party’s involvement in multiple social media attacks on the Kakaba and his officials. It is worth noting that the NUP has previously stated their intentions to abolish the kingdoms once they come into power.

Given this context, the NUP’s ongoing onslaught on the Katikiro concerning the Kabaka’s whereabouts appears hypocritical and politically motivated.

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