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Several MPs from the National Unity Platform (NUP) party promised a dazzling transformation in the way the civil service is delivered throughout the nation during the campaigns for the 2021 elections.

However, because NUP leaders have resorted to pursuing personal interests in opposition to what they campaigned to deliver, this has remained a dream that is far from becoming a reality.

Recently, a section of NUP councilors from Wakiso reportedly engaged in physical clashes, apparently over money. This has continued to raise questions about the kind of leadership and change the leading opposition party stands for.

The NUP councilor for Kyebando parish, Cyrus Sambwa Kasatom, said that the district speaker, Nasif Najja, had a group of councilors that he had to bribe in order to pass the budget before it was scrutinized by all the members.

Isaac Mayira, the Deputy Speaker, said that he had a misunderstanding with his boss, who instead decided to close his office. Mayira added that these greedy people have become inhumane after assuming big offices.

“Greedy people become inhumane after assuming big offices; they become selfish and abandon the principles of their political party that pushed them to those positions,” he said.

According to Fred Kakooza, NUP Chief Whip for the district, the people who disorganize the council, form cliques, and deliberately sabotage its development are NUP members.

“We have been ashamed because Wakiso has the biggest group of NUP councilors in Uganda,” he said.

Around March this year, the NUP league leadership was ripped apart, especially between Aisha Kabanda and Flavia Kalule, who failed to agree on the terms of leadership and, especially, the sharing of the facilitation funds meant for women’s day celebrations.

Just two days ago, NUP boycotted the State of the Nation Address (SONAUG) at Kololo. Mathias Mpuuga, the leader of Opposition (LOP), asked the leaders to refrain from attending the SONAUG and Budget speech events over the wastage of public resources.

One would ask how leaders who promised a subtle shift in service delivery could decide to carry on as usual rather than confront the president and bring up pressing concerns that concern their people.

In other countries, opposition leaders present alternative (if not better) policies to those of the ruling government, yet in Uganda, NUP has resorted to sabotaging and boycotting the credible programs that the government has put in place, which would by far benefit their electorate regardless of their party.

Musoke, an FDC party member, questioned how one would bring about change in the lives of their voters when they just concentrate on personal wealth accumulation.

How can such greedy and self-centered leaders be our heroes?


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