NUP Dismisses Bigirwa for Trying to Defraud Kyabazinga through Purported wife


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The National Unity Platform (NUP) has fired Moses Bigirwa, the NUP Eastern Mobilizer and Coordinator, for allegedly colluding with Alison Anna Nadiope to defraud the Kyabazinga of 750 million Ugandan shillings. Robert Kyagulanyi, the NUP party President, suspended Bigirwa on November 20, 2023, and replaced him with Andrew Kiiza Kaluya. Kyagulanyi stated that Bigirwa was being replaced due to indiscipline and undermining the NUP leadership and the Kyabazinga of Busoga.

“As NUP leadership we have decided to suspend Bigirwa and replace him with Kaluya for indiscipline and undermining the leadership of NUP and obwa-Kyabazinga through conniving with Alison, to defraud Busoga and its King, we are in possession of audios exchanged between him and the said lady, “Kyagulunyi said.

Alison Ana Gabula has been trending on social media after she filed a legal suit against the Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Gabula Nadiope, in the UK, asserting that she remains legally married to him and seeking to prevent his wedding until she has been given huge sums of money as compensation.

Bigirwa, however, alleges that the NUP leadership orchestrated the plan to blackmail the Kyabazinga, because he supports the ruling government. He insists that his suspension is unjust, as he was merely following instructions. He also claimed that Alison, a staunch NUP supporter, was financed and supported by the NUP leadership to carry out the plan.

“NUP exposing me like this, if I go down I will not go alone, after all the whole plan of blackmailing Kyabazinga was their idea, who of you has ever seen me board a plane to UK, only those always traveling are the guilty ones here, they orchestrated the whole thing of blackmailing the Kyabazinga with that woman and asked me to be a contact person since I am a Musoga,” Bigirwa said

Bigirwa has threatened to reveal more details, including names and the party’s alleged dirty dealings if he is prosecuted, stating that he will not take the fall alone. He asserts that NUP has always held animosity towards the Kyabazinga for supporting the ruling government and failing their plans in Busoga.

“I will not give all the details and names which I am also keeping as my leverage, should I be prosecuted I will not go down alone, I will bring down the whole party with all its dirty dealings and all money received and shared among a few members, especially of Kyagulanyi’s family and immediate friends,” a fuming Bigirwa asserted.

It should be remembered that In November 2021, Bigirwa was arrested for attempting to extort a whopping UGX 100 M from the then Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anitah Among. In an audio recording, he was heard stating that they should extort money from her. Similar audio evidence suggests that Bigirwa and Alison planned to defraud the Kyabazinga of 750 million shillings.

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