Mukono Residents Boycott Demonstrations Citing Nambooze’s Selfish Interests


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Residents of Mukono have defied a call from their area MP, Betty Nambooze, to hold demonstrations to address the fact that the district has not had a district service committee meeting for three years.

According to a statement by Nambooze, all residents of Mukono district were called to gather on October 6, 2023, at 9 a.m. to participate in the demonstrations as the district has been lacking a district service committee for 3 years, which is hampering the work, including children’s education.

At the time the protests were supposed to commence, the streets of Mukono were empty as people were going about their normal business.

However, at around 10 a.m., a group of residents approached the district headquarters in what looked like the beginning of the protest.

In a twist of events, the group said they were there to protest against Nambooze and her selfish interests.

Boaz Mukasa, who led the peaceful protest in response to Nambooze’s call, claimed that she is trying to set up another committee that was not approved as per the district council rules, yet the district has a committee.

“Four of these people were confirmed by public service, Mukono district executive, and Mukono district council,“ Mukasa said.

The team confirmed includes Eng Kibuuka Godfrey Kisuule, the acting chairperson, Athur Blick Mugerwa, Semakula Badru, Nakacwa Lydia, and Katumba Sarah.

Nambooze has been fronting Eng Kisuule to permanently take over the seat as chairperson, but Mukasa says this is out of the need to politically preserve her interests.

“The only reason Nambooze is advocating for Kisuule to be chairperson after keeping quiet for 3 years is because she is aware that the people of Mukono will get her out of office, given that residents want to front Kisuule as MP instead of her,” he stated.

Mukasa said that if Nambooze cared about Mukono, she would have protested in Parliament and in public service in Kampala instead of hurriedly fronting Kisuule.

He also noted that several critical issues concerning residents have been arising over time, and she did not protest, inquiring why this case is so special.

“Nambooze, in a meeting, was made aware that district land and the house of Mukono RDCs. How come she did not come out to protest when Mukono district land and workers houses were sold?” Mukasa said.

According to Mukono residents, Nambooze didn’t act because she was in cahoots with a man identified as Hajji Segayi and shared the plots of land with him.

“When the land of Namyoya Forest was divided, Nambooze did not protest. Nambooze prevented the government from giving us money for urban development, market construction, and a modern roundabout without consulting the people of Mukono; why does she want us involved in these protests?” he added.

He added that Nambooze was the first to fight against the world bank money and accused the leaders of selling Mukono; she, however, apologised after learning that Henry Bakileke, her husband, could get a subcontract to build roads in the municipality.

According to Mukasa, Nambooze should let people in Mukono benefit from government programmes just like she did when the government took care of her medical bills and took care of her family with tax-payer money.

Mukasa advised Nambooze to meet with the people of Mukono because slandering and fighting leaders for personal gain will not build Mukono.

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