Mukono NUP Woman MPs Fight Over Driver


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Betty Nambooze and Hanifah Nabukeera both NUP MPs are in a vast war over Fred Kiyimba, a driver. It is alleged that the two ladies are not on talking terms, because Nabukeera wooed Nambooze’s driver while she was in the US receiving treatmentwith better pay.
According to sources, upon her return
Nambooze was bitter and disappointed with her colleague, who had taken her long time driver away.

According to Nabukeera, the driver is an adult, who has his own independent mind and a right to make decisions who to work for.

Hon Hanifa Nabukeera

“Why would she say I crossed the line by taking her driver, this woman has lost all credibility, day time she is NUP and at night she is NRM. Most of her workers were disgruntled with her methods of work, they came to me and I gave them a sanctuary, she has been pretending to be NUP, yet we all know she is in bed with NRM, as we all saw Bwanika expose her,” Nabukeera said. 

However, sources close to the two MPs revealed that, the two ladies have always had a long-standing feudthat is naturally fueled by Nabukeera, who has taken advantage of Bwanika exposing Nambooze to fuel the bad blood between her and other NUP MPs.

Nabukeera further revealed that Nambooze’s political career that was aided by the Kyagulanyi wave is fast declining and she does not have support from Mukono like before, because she was exposed for being NRM- leaning and pretends to be NUP, to spy on them.

“We are all well aware that Nambooze’s legacy in Mukono has died out, she has been getting favors from the ruling party and pretending to be NUP, if she had kept on DP card she would not be in parliament,” said Nabukeera. 

However, according to NamboozeKiyimba approached her and requested to be taken back because Nabukeera had been making sexual advances towards him which he declined and has been threatening to soil Nambooze’s name should the driver refuse her advances.
“Nabukeera advances sexual desires towards Kiyimba, who has refused and she has resorted to threatening him, all this talk about me being NRM, is just malice. I go to a party I know I can win my sit back, that is how politics is,” said Nambooze.

According to Nambooze, should her people support Museveni, then she will not hesitate to become NRM, so once her people supported Kyagulanyi she could not fail to join NUP, because that is where the votes were at, the time.

“I will become NRM, should my people support Museveni,” said Nambooze.

Many are wondering  if the people of Mukono have decided to vote NRM as their leader is said to have switched sides already. 


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