Ministry of Education Bans Prom Parties in Schools


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The Ministry of Education and Sports has imposed a ban on prom parties in schools, particularly in privately-owned institutions. This decision comes after numerous complaints were received by the ministry, notifying them of prom-related notifications being sent out while dropping off children for the second term.

The catalyst for this ban was a video circulating on social media platforms that showcased a student from Elite High School in Entebbe arriving at the prom party in a private helicopter. This extravagant display of wealth sparked a range of emotions among parents and the public at large.

According to the Ministry of Education, it was disconcerting that young students had access to such exorbitant amounts of money, with some expressing concerns over the negative impact it could have on those who couldn’t afford such luxuries within their educational institutions.

Ismael Mulindwa, the Director of Basic and Secondary Education in the Ministry of Education, shared his thoughts on the matter during a recent interview on May 28, 2024. He acknowledged that prom parties themselves are not inherently bad but explained that these events had evolved into extravagant showcases of wealth and status. Expensive cars, clothing, and other lavish displays had become the norm, causing discomfort among those unable to indulge in such opulent lifestyles.

Mulindwa also highlighted the timing of these prom parties, coinciding with the second term, as problematic. Many parents were already financially strained, as school fees remained unpaid. Despite this, schools were sending notifications urging parents to prepare for their children’s prom parties, placing additional financial burdens on these families.

The Ministry of Education has placed a ban on prom parties due to reports of students harassing and pressuring their parents to prioritize these events over school fees. Mulindwa expressed concern over children emotionally blackmailing their parents when their requests were denied, causing undue stress and health issues among parents.

“Many parents are experiencing high blood pressure and other health problems due to their children incessantly demanding expensive clothes and cars for prom parties. Unfortunately, if parents refuse to comply with their wishes, some children resort to emotionally blackmailing them, which is unacceptable,” Mulindwa revealed.

Furthermore, the ministry acknowledged the adverse effects these displays of luxury had on students who couldn’t afford them. The temptation to acquire similar possessions through unlawful means could corrupt their lives and negatively impact their families.

Mulindwa strongly warned school directors and institutions against making prom parties a necessity or a status symbol for their schools. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on education, he criticized the current trend of students solely fixated on obtaining the most extravagant cars and clothing for prom, diverting attention away from their studies.

Mulindwa emphasized that students whose parents can afford such lavish lifestyles should partake in these activities outside of school, so as not to alienate their peers who do not share the same financial status. The ban on prom parties in schools aims to foster an inclusive environment where academic achievements are celebrated, rather than the fruits of material wealth. By placing the emphasis back on education, the Ministry of Education hopes to instill values such as hard work, integrity, and equality among students, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

In recent years, prom parties have gained significant popularity among students, becoming highly anticipated events in many schools. However, the rising costs and pressure associated with these events have sparked concerns among parents and education officials. Many parents are struggling to meet the financial demands of prom parties, leading to emotional distress and potential health issues.

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