MASAKA: Makonzi Residents Demand Action after Deadly Attack


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Residents in Makonzi village have called upon security agencies to come up with measures to put a stop to the increased insecurity and killings in Masaka district.

This follows an increase in insecurity cases in Makonzi village after over 100 men were brought to the village by two rich men from Kampala, who the residents allege were given a lease from the National Forestry Authority to plant trees. However, the residents claim that the men in question only come out at around 10:00 p.m. to drink until late in the night.

The locals said that ever since they came into their village, insecurity cases, including killings, burglaries, and robberies, have increased, and the local leaders have not tried to get information about the said men.

’’It is sad that our local leaders have decided to sleep on their job instead of probing for more information about these guys because ever since they came into our village, it has now become so unsafe,’’ the locals revealed.

The residents revealed that on June 9, 2024, a couple was attacked in Makonzi village in Bukakata sub-county by unknown thugs. They were robbed, badly beaten up, and a woman killed in the process.

However, the locals claimed that the son of one of the rich guys at the Kisuku landing site was the one behind the attack on the couple, which led to the death of a woman. Some of the locals added that they can’t reveal his name due to fear of being chased away from the landing site by his father.

During an interview on June 10, 2024, Bukenya, the husband of the deceased, said that they had gone to sell off their maize at the Kisuku Makonzi landing site, but on their way back home, an unidentified thug showed up and attacked them, hitting him with a stick on the neck, which left him unconscious. He added that when his wife (Nakatte) attempted to fight back, she was hit on the head with a big stick, which left her unconscious with a deep crack on the head.

Bukenya added that on regaining consciousness, his wife was heavily bleeding, so he carried her to two clinics, but they could not handle her situation. He later proceeded to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, but she died on arrival due to bleeding out.

’’My wife died in my arms due to the much blood lost because of the deep head injury she had on her head,’’ Bukenya revealed.

Nakatte’s body was left at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital for a postmortem.

The police said investigations are being carried out, and a statement will be released soon.

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