Makindye Division Mayor Mulyanyama to Run as Kampala Mayor 2026, Elias Lukwago Walks on Egg Shells


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Ali Mulyanyama, the Makindye Division Mayor and Board Member on the KCCA football team, has openly declared his interest to unseat Elias Lukwago come 2026.

Mulyanyama is currently enjoying immense coverage from the Kingdom’s CBS radio where its programs’ manager-standup comedian Abby Mukiibi, “Kiriza oba gaana,” and “Palamenti yaffe” talk show moderator Meddie Nsereko have prioritized promoting him. This has greatly angered Lukwago, and is fighting back by bad mouthing Mulyanyama.

“I am ready to face off with Lukwago, he has been Mayor for a long time and yet has very little to show.  A lot of things have gone wrong during his long tenure; I come in as a savior.  Am not scared of his mafia machinery ways, he can bad mouth me, but a lot of people know me well,” Mulyanyama said.

According to a source, Lukwago’s worries also rotate around one of the directors of CBS, Joyce Ssebugwawo who doubles as the Minister of State for ICT and National Guidance. He fears that the Minister will definitely support Mulyanyama for the mayoral seat.

“With CBS’s presenters and Ssebugwawo, Lukwago is considering not vying for mayoral-ship but to try out as the party President for FDC, which we also think may not be a walk in the park for him, since Nandala Mafabi is vying for the same post,” the source said.

However, according to Lukwago, Mulyanyama is a corrupt official who is involved in the illegal sale and transfer of KCCA players, and the mismanagement of KCCA football team funds of Ugx 4billion meant for the construction of Philip Omondi stadium which was stolen under his watch.

“Mulyanyama should not fool anyone, he is a corrupt official who got involved in the dubious sale of players to get a difference from the deals and also Ugx 4billion for constructing the Philip Omondi stadium that was stolen under his watch,” said Lukwago.

Mulyanyama has however, denied the allegations and called them politically motivated, since he is just a supervisor and not an accounting officer or even a football agent.

“I only handle supervisory roles as a Board member. I can’t account for money that does not come to me directly, neither Am I a football agent to be selling players. I know Lukwago is just scared and trying to silence me with baseless claims, but I am not shaken and worried. I remain firm and determined to run for Kampala Mayor come 2026,” said Mulyanyama.

The CBS radio presenters believe that Lukwago is trying to trim Mulyanyama’s popularity by spreading propaganda to shut him up. However, no amount of blackmail will work.

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