Lukwago or Salaam: FDC Torn Apart on Deciding Next Party President


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Tensions have arisen within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party as its leaders remain divided on the matter of selecting the next party president.

In a secret meeting held at Najjanakumbi party headquarters, chaired by former FDC president Dr.Kizza Besigye, with the attendance of spokesperson Ssemujju, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago Ssalongo, and deputy spokesperson John Kikonyogo, it was agreed that Erias Lukwago would become the party president and Ssemuju Nganda would become the party secretary general ahead of the leadership election.

However, according to credible sources, this did not go well with other FDC members, who queried why only the people from the central region (Buganda) were being favored for the juicy offices, fingers pointing to Lukwago, who has been in the party for the shortest period of time compared to Nandala Mafabi, Salaamu Musumba, and others.

“Lukwago was picked as the party president and SSemujju as the secretary general, but other members could not bear it and called it favoritism by Besigye. “Salaamu rejected the duo and demanded she be the most suitable candidate. Things got heated as Nandala stormed out of the meeting in protest, bringing the meeting to a halt,” revealed the source.

According to John Kikonyogo, the deputy spokesperson of FDC who also has an interest in the party presidency, they are indeed at loggerheads as to who should take the presidency seat.

“We reconvened and a lot of things were considered, we asked members to put the party first, so Lukwago was dropped in favor of Salaamu due to the fact that she is not from central. She is also favored by Nandala Mafabi; both have a very good relationship and have been in the party for a long time,” Kikonyogo said.

Mwambutsya Ndebesa, a political analyst, has since argued that electing Salaamu was a calculated move by Besigye’s group, alluding to her long-standing personal relationship with Nandala.

“Nandala will not continue pushing for his desire to take up the party presidency; since his personal friend is the candidate, they will work together to fail Beigye’s camp,” said Ndebesa.

FDC Electoral Commission chairperson Boniface Bamwenda declared that the electoral process will start at the grassroots. The national delegates’ conference will be held from November 23 to 24 this year to elect the new party leadership.

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