Land Dispute Claims Notorious Gang Leader’s Life, Leaves Three Injured


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Police in Gomba are carrying out an investigation into an incident that led to the death of one individual identified as Patrick Sserunjogi commonly known as Sobi and the injuries of three others in Gomba district.

According to SP Majid Karim, the Acting Public Relations Officer, Katonga Region, a group of 50 people armed with sticks, pangas, and spears attacked another group at around 12:30 PM on December 18, 2023, on a land belonging to Kalisa in Kibaale village, Kigumba parish, Maddu sub-county, Gomba district over a disputed piece of land.

“The disputed land was purchased by Kalisa, who paid 20 million out of a total of 100 million in 2007. However, it is claimed that he bought it from the wrong person,” SP Karim said.

“Another group, purporting to be the children and grandchildren of the late Kibi Paul, led by Deborah Nagadiya and Kiwewa Barton, emerged with land titles, claiming ownership of the same land,” SP Karim added.

Karim noted that legal proceedings were initiated, but unfortunately, before the case could be resolved, one of the groups (Kalisa’s) brought individuals from Kisenyi, Kampala, to occupy and clear the land.

According to sources, the deceased, Sobi, was among those transported from Kisenyi to clear the land. However, unidentified people killed him when the dispute broke out.

Sources state that Sobi had been a notorious thief and gang leader in Kisenyi. His accomplices, Gerald Katumba, Andrew Mateka, and Aliyu Dela, were injured during the dispute.

SP Karim stated that besides the injured and the dead, items such as food, utensils, and structures were destroyed during the dispute.

Karim added that it was alleged that more people were killed, but only one body was recovered from the scene with cut wounds on the leg and neck.

Media reports claim that five others were killed, but the police are yet to verify these claims.

Police are currently conducting ongoing investigations into the matter.

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