Joint Security Forces Commended for Ensuring Peace and Security During Recently Concluded International Summits


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Joint security forces gathered at Kololo Independence Grounds today, February 2, 2024, to celebrate their successful efforts in ensuring peace, security, and the safety of the recently concluded international summits. The event was convened by President YK Museveni, who invited the security forces to commemorate the secure festive season, the CSCOP summit, and most importantly, the NAM and G77+ China Summits.

During the celebrations, Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) Gen Wilson Mbadi expressed his satisfaction with the peace and security maintained during the NAM and G77+China summits. He proudly announced that no security incidents were recorded throughout the conferences.

“All is well that ends well. We appreciate the invitation to celebrate today and recognize the work well done by all stakeholders, especially the joint forces including UPDF, ISO, Uganda Police, Prisons, and other officials,” said CDF General Wilson Mbadi.

The event was attended by distinguished individuals including the Minister for Security, the Minister for Defence & Veteran Affairs, the 3rd Deputy Prime Minister, the Prisons Chief, the ISO boss, the NAM Chief Coordinator, and religious leaders.

The Minister for Security conveyed the delegates’ applause for the impeccable organization, coordination, and warm hospitality they experienced during the summits.

“The NAM delegates were so impressed that some are planning to return due to the exceptional hospitality and organization they found here. The coordination was exemplary, and unlike other conferences, the delegates were fully provided for in terms of meals,” stated Hon Jim Muhwezi, the Minister for Security.

The Minister for Defence, Hon Ssempijja, commended the efforts of the intelligence services in thwarting the plans of opposing forces who aimed to portray Uganda as an unsafe place during the summits.

The President, in his speech, emphasized the importance of hosting successful conferences that promote peace, investment, and market access. He highlighted the significant role Uganda plays in showcasing the potential of the African continent.

“If something bad had happened, it would have given a negative image not just for Uganda but for all of Africa. Uganda has a reputation to uphold. We want to demonstrate to the world that Africa can organize such conferences without relying on external assistance,” expressed President Museveni.

The President also acknowledged the heartfelt reactions from international delegates, as their expectations were exceeded during their time in Uganda.

” A Russian delegate acknowledged that no superpower could have organized such a conference. A woman from Malaysia had tears in her eyes because Africans managing such a success by themselves is unheard of,” the President stated.

President Museveni concluded by urging security officers to remain diligent and careful in carrying out their duties. He emphasized the need to address any instances of carelessness, referring to an incident where a veterinary doctor was accidentally shot.

In his final remarks, the President commended the exceptional work of the UPDF Engineering Brigade, highlighting their cost-effective project execution.

“The UPDF Engineering Brigade completed this project for UGX 60 billion, whereas private companies had previously quoted over UGX 100 billion. I want to express my gratitude to the engineering brigade for their exceptional work. Therefore, the UPDF engineers must be compensated adequately, just like other scientists,” concluded President Museveni.

The celebration at Kololo Independence Grounds served as a testament to Uganda’s commitment to ensuring peace, security, and successful international engagements. It showcased the country’s warm hospitality, organizational capabilities, and the determination of its security forces to safeguard and promote the nation’s interests.

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