ISO’s Deputy Chief Calls Teso District Communicators to Deepen Ideological Understanding, National Interests


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The Deputy Chief of Internal Security Organization, ISO Colonel Emmy Katabazi, has urged District Communication Officers in the Teso Sub region to underscore the paramount importance of broadening ideological understanding.

Col. Katabazi was addressing the communication officers while opening a two-day retreat organized by ISO at the Eneku Hotel in Soroti City to equip the participants with advanced communication techniques and emerging trends while providing an opportunity for officials to discuss the challenges faced in their respective districts and collaborate on effective solutions.

Notable organizations represented at the event include ISO, GCIC, the Ministry of ICT, and the Ministry of Local Government.

During his speech, Col. Katabazi emphasized the significance of staying well-informed by reading relevant materials and expressed disapproval of those who neglect this crucial aspect of their role.

He reminded the communication officers that ideological shallowness hindered their ability to understand complex issues and urged them to invest time in expanding their knowledge.

“When you are ideologically shallow, your outlook is narrow. If a District Internal Security Officer (DISO) or a communication officer goes to bed without reading something, he or she is being degraded. But also, what you read matters; you cannot just read anything,” remarked Col. Katabazi.

Col. Katabazi further urged the communicators to simplify complicated matters while always keeping the national interests in mind.

These interests encompass various factors of social, economic, and political significance, closely aligned with Uganda’s core values.

He emphasized the need to safeguard and preserve core values such as patriotism, even if they may not always be explicitly stated or felt.

Highlighting the importance of collective effort, Col. Katabazi reminded the communicators that their primary responsibility is to protect Uganda’s interests.

Katabazi stressed the necessity of being ideologically prepared to defend the country effectively and encouraged cooperation in shaping a prosperous future for Uganda.

Col. Katabazi further reiterated that government communicators should prioritize influencing public opinion over the role of being mere journalists.

“As a government communicator, your sole purpose is not to do journalism but to influence public opinion as far as the government is concerned,” declared Col. Katabazi.

In support of effective communication and coordination, Soroti Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Peter Pex Paak, addressed the district representatives attending the retreat.

Paak emphasized the need for comprehensive information, staying updated on government projects, maintaining a district database, and providing support to department heads. He stressed that these factors are indispensable for driving progress.

It is worth noting that the ISO, in partnership with the Ministry of ICT, the Ministry of Local Government, the Government Communications and Outreach Fund (GCOF), and GCIC, has been conducting regional training programs.

These trainings aim to equip district communicators with effective communication tools, techniques, and new trends while promoting coordination and harmonization of information flow.

The training in Soroti City is a significant opportunity for communicators and DISOs in the Teso Sub region to enhance their skills and make valuable contributions to the socio-economic transformation efforts of the Ugandan government.

With an emphasis on ideological understanding, effective communication, and safeguarding national interests, it is hoped that these officers will play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future for the nation.

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