ISO Equipped to Monitor All Government Programs to the Bone – Lt. Col. Katabazi


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Gulu District – Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi, the Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO), announced that the organization is now fully equipped to monitor and supervise all government programs at the district level throughout the country.

Speaking at the Northern Uganda Youth Development Centre in Gulu yesterday evening January 8, 2024, Lt. Col. Katabazi disclosed this development during a lecture of opportunity delivered to Omoro district leaders participating in a comprehensive one-week cadre course on ideology and socioeconomic transformation.

The cadre course, organized by Omoro district woman MP Catherine Lamawka, has attracted more than 500 participants from neighboring districts such as Gulu, Pader, Oyam, and others. These participants include Local Council Chairpersons, district councilors, and various technical officials.

Catherine Lamawka_Woman MP Omoro District
Catherine Lamawka_Woman MP Omoro District
The cadre course attracted more than 500 participants from neighboring districts such as Gulu, Pader, Oyam, and others

Highlighting the advancements made by ISO, Lt. Col. Katabazi mentioned that the organization received a substantial allocation of UGX 15 billion in the recently approved supplementary budget by parliament. This funding aims to facilitate the acquisition of all necessary equipment required for the monitoring process of government programs throughout the country.

“The allocated funds will primarily be used to acquire computer programs that will enable us to monitor the implementation of government programs, starting with the Parish Development Model,” stated Lt. Col. Katabazi. He further explained that ISO staff will closely monitor the progress of program beneficiaries, capturing photographs, and obtaining crucial information to be made digitally available to the president.

Lt. Col. Katabazi also took the opportunity to issue a stern warning to all district leaders and technical staff across the country, urging them to refrain from any form of misappropriation or corruption. He emphasized the importance of timely reporting of incidents such as inflation of learner numbers in government schools (UPE & USE), as well as any misuse detected within the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga programs.

The enhanced monitoring capacity of the Internal Security Organization signifies a significant step toward ensuring transparency and accountability in the implementation of government initiatives. As this development takes hold, citizens anticipate positive impacts and hope for the effective utilization of public resources to promote socioeconomic development in Uganda.

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