Inside steps to restrain escalating homosexuality from Schools


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The talk about the increasing spread of homosexuality has been painted across various media platforms, where several cases of youths being lured into the vice have been discovered.

Reports indicate that the gay groups have continued to target institutions of learning, especially the university and post-primary institutions.

These have used a variety of tactics, ranging from hiding the gospel behind NGO’s to human rights activism. Most people are concerned because, according to research, this vice is spread not only by students but also by some teachers and parents.

On February 13, 2023, 97.8 KAZO FM reported about the Uganda National Bureau for NGOs, which has called upon the government to criminalize LGBTQ organizations and their activities in Uganda.

In January 2023, Thomas Tayebwa, the deputy Speaker of Parliament cautioned schools to remain vigilant against homosexuality.

Tayebwa, instructed the House Education Committee to speed up investigations into the menace of homosexuality in schools.

“Our children are in danger; homosexuals have infiltrated our schools, and attempts are being made from all corners to lure innocent children into these immoral acts,” said Mr. Tayebwa.

“This fight is not for the faint of heart; we must fight back. As Parliament, we are going to investigate this issue, but the head teachers, parents, and teachers must work together and protect our children from these vultures. Every school must come up with measures to deal with the problem and issue clear notices, warning learners about the dangers of homosexuality,” he added.

Accordingly, some schools have taken great strides towards curbing this gloomy vice of luring young children in schools into acts of homosexuality, such as through sensitization of students, strict rules regarding such, and guidance and counseling.

Schools such as Kibuli Secondary School, St. Henry’s College Kitovu, and others have come out to express their strong opposition to the promotion of homosexuality in their communities, and other educational institutions should follow suit.

Recently, Education Minister, also first lady, Janet Katah Museveni cautioned about taking grants from organizations carelessly and without scrutiny, as not all may have the best intentions.

According to specialists, alienating those who have been misled may also not provide a lasting solution, as stigma would produce even more damaging effects on the victims and even worse on the side of young learners.

Dr. Ronald Owiny, a counselor and a therapy specialist argue that some have recovered and that, in the end, they are our people, friends, relatives, and beloved members of our communities.

“These young people should not be banished or seen as evil, horrible, outcasts, and such. They should instead be embraced, talked to, and given a helping hand like any other person battling a vice or an addiction,” said Dr. Owiny.

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