Hurdles Bulambuli Medical Workers Go Through to Deliver Health Services


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Agnes Nambozo, a health worker at Buluganya Health Centre III in Bulambuli district, Bugisu sub-region was last week seen climbing step ladders while carrying on her back a vaccine carrier to conduct a child outreach clinic in Masheluse village, Nataba parish, in Bulambuli district, eastern Uganda.

In the video that appeared and went viral on various social media platforms, Nambozo was seen walking on her fours using a monkey trick to reach Masheluse village and vaccinate children under the age of five.

While in the middle of the step ladder mounted on a high hill measuring about 10 meters long and some 75 meters above the ground, she met another person carrying a sack also struggling to slope down the hill.

To Nambozo and other residents, climbing this locally made step ladder mounted on the hill is the only means to access major places in Bulambuli district.

With the estimated population of 230,000 people Bulambuli district consists of mountainous, sloppy and hilly terrain that makes mobility difficult for many health workers and local residents.

Dr. Jane Aceng, the Minister of Health, was the first to congratulate Nambozo, describing her as a committed medical worker.

“Absolutely speechless and touched to see this dedicated and committed enrolled nurse,” the minister wrote on her Twitter page.

From the minister’s post, many comments were in praise of Nambozo for the selfless sacrifice she made to make sure she delivered health services to such a hard-to-reach area.

Other social media users suggested alternatives like tram services or medical drones to help deliver drugs in hard-to-reach mountainous areas.

“Agnes deserves to be supported to adverse in this noble profession—someone out there should come out and make this happen to Agnes.” to build her status in nursing. “She should be recognized as the Nurse of the Year, for she rightfully deserves it,” said Namusoke Hadijja.

Mobility within Bulambuli district can be so challenging since residents are subjected to walking on their fours like monkeys while climbing the step ladder to go up the hill, and while climbing down from the top of the hill, residents usually move on their buttocks on the step ladder with hands placed sideways to avoid sliding down and falling.


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