How Lukwago’s 2026 Presidential bid will end Bobi Wine’s dominance in Central region and give NRM Soft Landing


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On 19 September 2023,the Forum for Democratic Change Katonga group held an extra-Ordinary delegates conference at their Katonga office.The same delegates conference passed a resolution to suspend the current leadership of Patrick Amuriat and Nandala Mafabi and put Erias Lukwago as the Interim Party President.

Lukwago who has been the Party’s deputy president is Kizza Besigye’s right hand man and and being seen as the Party’s potential presidential candidate in 2026 regardless of the ongoing fights between Katonga and Najjanankumbi factions.The Najjanankumbi faction also carried out nominations that saw Amuriat and Nandala nominated to contest for the positions they are currently holding.

The controversial politician Erias Lukwago has been cited in different political wrangles in Democratic party against Chairman Mao,in FDC against the Najjanankumbi group and other various disagreements in the administration of city hall.

Lukwago has been seen by many as a selfish politician driven by selfish interest wherever he goes.Many wonder if there is any contribution him and Semujju brings to FDC party in terms of numbers given that FDC performed poorly in their areas but the same politicians gained as individuals and won in 2021.Lukwago’s background of chaotic and selfish politics would make it hard to be welcomed in any other party even if FDC and NUP were to form an alliance in 2026.He is looked at as a destroyer rather than a builder.

The FDC fronting Erias Lukwago as the presidential candidate in 2026 elections would mean stiff competition between him and NUP’s Bobi wine in the central region and Kampala in Particular.Lukwago being a staunch muslim will get the support of moslems and fellow Baganda as has been the case during his mayorship political Stuggles.

During 2021 elections,the central region overwhelmingly voted NUP and Kyagulanyi in a wave that saw NRM lose many parliamentary seats and other positions but the same NUP performed poorly in other regions giving NRM and Museveni a win.

It is therefore predictable that Lukwago will divide Kyagulanyi’s votes in central region but the two will perform poorly in other regions as usual giving NRM an upper hand.Kyagulanyi’s tribal utterances have made other tribes to unite against Buganda seeing him as a tribal politician,some Liberal Baganda are also not happy with the type of politics he is playing and will end up supporting NRM.

Tamale Mirundi the political comentator while appearing on one of the media houses said that Lukwago has been mentored by Besigye politically and the same Besigye will make sure that Lukwago stands as a president in 2026.Mirundi said that Lukwago’s bid will unite moslems for their own.

“Bobi Wine is gone,the only person who can save him is Buganda King Ronald Mutebi or Prince Nakibinge who has the power to convince Lukwago to drop his presidential ambitions,otherwise Bobi Wine will bleed” Mirundi Said.

If FDC fronts Lukwago as their presidential candidate in 2026,it will send Bobi Wine and NUP back to the drawing board or risk disappearing into political oblivion.

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