Hoima City West RCC defends Betty Kamya’s remarks in a trending video


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Kasibante Hassan, the Hoima City West RCC  has praised and defended the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Betty OLive Namisango Kamya, in the trending video where the IGG openly said, “None of us is going to die in Mulago because there is no medicine. If there is no medicine,  he will call the president, and the president will put him on a plane and take him to America,” Kamya said, referring to his male colleague in the room.

Kamya in the video says that she is not a victim of corruption; it is the local people who will be victims of corruption.

The IGG also talked about how government officials don’t feel the potholes and poor roads since they drive V8s and raised vehicles, but the local people driving small cars like Toyota-Wish would feel the potholes.

According to Hoima City West RCC Hassan Kasibante, the IGG was right and spot-on. “She was being honest,” Hassan said.

“If the local people don’t report corruption and abuse of office, then it is them who are affected, not the big people in government. So the sole responsibility is on the local people and ordinary citizens to report any form of abuse of office so that the culprits are apprehended.” Kasibante added.

“Two weeks ago, Kihukya Health Center III had a problem, and a concerned citizen reported to me about the absence of health workers. We went with my team and arrested five of them for negligence and abuse of office. Imagine if the Wanainchi hadn’t played their role of reporting. We, as leaders, wouldn’t have found out,” Kasibante narrated.

“So I commend the IGG in the fight against corruption, and if the people take it on as their responsibility as well to unmask corruption and abuse of office, we shall all make Uganda a better place,” said Kasibante

The office of the IGG reported that Uganda loses over UGX 20 trillion annually in corruption.

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