Health Ministry Launches Campaign to Fight Pre-eclampsia


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In a bid to combat the alarming rate of maternal deaths caused by pre-eclampsia, the Ministry of Health (MOH), Uganda, has launched a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness and promote early detection and prevention of this life-threatening condition. Pre-eclampsia, characterized by high blood pressure during pregnancy, is now the second leading cause of maternal mortality in Uganda.

Addressing the public at the Kawempe National Referral Hospital, Dr Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary of MOH, stressed the critical importance of attending antenatal care regularly and heeding the advice of healthcare professionals. She highlighted that pre-eclampsia poses a significant threat to the lives of expectant mothers, demanding urgent attention and action.

“With partners under the Corporate Society for Safe Motherhood, we have launched a 10-day campaign to shed light on the growing danger of pre-eclampsia, which has surpassed other causes of maternal deaths,” Atwine announced during the launch event.

Pre-eclampsia is a hypertensive disorder that can develop in pregnant women, posing serious risks to both the mother and the unborn child. If left untreated, it can lead to complications such as organ damage, including the kidneys, and even death.

Early detection through regular antenatal care is crucial to identifying and managing pre-eclampsia before it becomes life-threatening. Atwine emphasized the need for expectant mothers to prioritize their well-being and seek medical attention promptly. By doing so, they can prevent the devastating consequences of this condition and secure a healthier future for themselves and their children.

This campaign also highlights the vital role of robust family support, particularly from male partners. Atwine stressed the significance of raising awareness among support networks to ensure a comprehensive approach to preventing and managing pre-eclampsia.

“It is important to educate women and their partners about the prevention and management of pre-eclampsia. By disseminating informative messages widely, we aim to foster a collective effort in advocating for healthier pregnancies and securing brighter futures for mothers and their children,” Atwine stated.

The MOH campaign against pre-eclampsia aligns with the government’s broader objective to improve maternal and child health outcomes. By proactively addressing the risks posed by this condition, Uganda takes a significant step towards achieving its healthcare goals and safeguarding the well-being of its population.

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