HANDS-UP: Sickly Nyanzi Writes to Museveni , Asks Him to Dialogue With NUP Leadership


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The National Unity Platform (NUP) head of mobilization (countrywide), Fred Nyanzi, has written to President Yoweri Museveni on behalf of the NUP top leadership, seeking to dialogue with him on the future and economic development of Uganda.

While addressing the press at his home in Kyebando on Tuesday, Nyanzi, who had returned from Lubaga hospital for a check-up, revealed that he had written a long letter to President Museveni highlighting some of the issues that, as a party, need to be addressed.

“President Museveni, the Electoral Commission declared you the winner of the 2021 general elections. I will address you with the title President and recognize you as the democratically elected President of Uganda. As I write this open letter, I am on a sick bed with clutches as my walking aids. We can discuss matters of national importance.This can only be achieved if we swallow our political egos and agreed to tolerate each other. This will remove the current vacuum where opposition political parties don’t discuss the government,” he said.

Nyanzi, a brother to Bobi Wine, the NUP leader, added that due to political differences, NUP leaders and coordinators have lost morale and are reluctant to participate in political activities like the way they began the party.

“On the 24th of August 2018, I wrote to you following the Arua Incident and the subsequent events, a letter that many of my critics reasoned was partly legitimizing your presidency with no impact on the way you run state affairs. However, civility demands that a leader not lose sobriety no matter the circumstances, and my civil background has taught me to always subdue my emotions and apply reason. I therefore write to you again on the above subject owing to the fact that Uganda we have to do a lot in the social,political and economic stability,” he jotted.

Recently, President Museveni joined forces and appointed Democratic Party (DP) leader Norbert Mao as the minister of justice and constitutional affairs after signing a cooperation agreement.

The president went on to praise Mao for his “gesture of mature, foresighted, and constructive politics.”

Nyanzi noted that Ugandans want a structured dialogue leading to Uganda’s political parties’ consensus.

He urged Ugandan political leaders to borrow a leaf from Kenyan politics, where opposition parties dialogue freely with the government and move on with their other agendas for the development of the country.

At the beginning of April, Nyanzi and a team of NUP leaders under the Kuunga campaign had a running battle with security forces in Kyegegwa as he attempted to hold an illegal assembly without informing the police and in the process, he fell down and injured his leg.

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