Four arrested, 18 Motorcycles Recovered in Oyam District


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The territorial Police in North Kyoga in conjunction with Flying Squad Unit has arrested four suspected criminals and recovered eighteen motorcycles after cracking down a criminal gang in Oyam District.

According to SCP Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, the four suspected criminals were arrested during an intelligence led operation, that was conducted in Obangangeo village, Acaba Sub-county in Oyam District, and four suspects were a.

β€œThe Flying Squad Unit in coordination with the Police in North Kyoga arrested four suspects, who have been associated with the criminal gang responsible for attacking boda-boda riders and stealing their motorcycles in Lango sub region,” Enanga said.

Enanga has identified the four suspects as, Emmanuel Obang, aΒ  49-year-old a peasant of Obal β€œB” village, David Engol 40-year-old and Tonny Owiny, a 27-year-old, both peasants of Owaka village, Daniel Adupa, a 23-year-old peasant of Otwee β€œB” village in Oyam district.

According to Enanga, when interrogated, the arrested suspects identified their gang leader as Ambrose Ayo, a notorious robber that deals in stolen motorcycles in Lango sub-region and the neighbouring districts.

β€œSo far 18 motorcycles have been recovered including three Yamahas and 15 Bajaj Boxers from the home of Ambrose Ayo who is on the run,” Enanga stated.

The Police preliminary information indicates that the recovered motorcycles include: UP 3712 Yamaha YBR, Yamaha DT Numberless, Yamaha XL reg. no. UEB299Q, Mahindra reg. no. UEX 110X,Β Bajaj Boxers reg. numbers UER 688C, UFE 791J, UFB 761Q, UEW 019J, UDY 163R, UEX 435F, UEW 208Q, UFA 917C, UEH 212M, UFF 786B, UFD 093E, UFG 260J, and 2 numberless.

Enanga said that all motorcycles and suspects have been transferred to Lira City West Division for further management.

Enanga further explained that the criminal gangs normally use master keys and direct physical attacks on riders and robe off motorcycles.

β€œIt’s against this background that we urge all boda-boda riders to watch out for motorcycle thieves, who use profitable journeys to lure them, into their ambushes, both day and night,” he added.

Enanga has urged all riders to install modern alarms in their motorcycle to avoid falling victims of the criminal gangs.

He warned dealers in second hand motorcycles and spares to always check the identity of the motorcycle, to ensure the chassis and engine number are not changed.

He stressed the importance of using a combination of barriers to stop boda-boda theft.

β€œOur Task teams have made this fight a priority and continue to gather, exchange, analyse intelligence surrounding dealers of stolen motorcycles and chop shops,” he said.

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