Forthcoming Party Elections Escalate Rift Between FDC’s Top bosses


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The FDC formation structure roadmap has further escalated tensions in the long-standing intra-rivalry between the Katonga group (PFT), led by Besigye’s invisible hand and Nandala Mafabi’s camp. Each team is working to persuade key party figures in their respective districts to send delegates who will support their interests to the national delegate’s conference.

According to inside sources, both factions are holding a number of small-scale, confidential meetings in the hallways of the party headquarters and at the district level, with numerous lofty promises and generous monetary gifts to some party members.

The two camps are bound to tussle it out in the forthcoming elections to bag the biggest number of delegates, something that has continued to tear the party leadership further apart besides the already existing factions in the party leadership.

As of late, Besigye’s persistent interference and involvement in the FDC’s day-to-day operations, which have consistently resulted in internal disputes inside the party, have become an openly known fact in the nation.

The FDC National Executive Committee decided to begin implementing the Structured Elections Roadmap on Thursday, May 12, 2023. The roadmap was approved, and some of its key points are as follows:

The National Delegates Conference will be held to elect members of the National Executive Committee after the party elects leaders, starting from the village to the district.

In addition to 71,230 villages, 10,595 Parishes, 2211 Sub-Counties, 353 Constituencies, and 150 districts, elections are anticipated in these locations. At each level, we will elect eight (8) members of the mainstream/executive, nine (9) members of the women’s league, and nine (9) members of the youth league, according to the FDC’s Twitter account.

In order to fill the different leadership positions at every level, the party has urged its members to step forward.

“We call upon all our members to prepare and take up the various leadership positions as we further the struggle against the junta,” said the FDC media channels.

However, according to findings from the field, the party members have inclined to the heed  their party leadership’s notice as some of the members have shunned these elections and some of the party offices in some districts remain closed.

“In most of the districts, not a single party member has picked up the nomination forms and some party offices have been closed permanently with no sign of reopening,” said a source.




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