FIRE: Ingrid Reveals How FDC Crashed Her Political Fortunes


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Ingrid Turinawe, the once-dominant FDC diehard often referred to as the “Iron Lady,” has since 2021 been silent and off the political scene.

The vocal and politically cantankerous daring lady became famous for her radical actions within and outside Kampala at the peak of FDC Dr. Kizza Besigye’s walk to work protest.

The forged letter

Her attempt to be in the 11th Parliament on an FDC ticket crashed prematurely when her party opted to rally support for another candidate.

For Ingrid, her own FDC party wholesomely plotted and strategically executed her political downfall when they claimed she was receiving funding from the ruling NRM party.

She said some two not-so-clever individuals, under the guidance of FDC top officials, framed a letter to the president from Kasule Lumumba and indicated that money had been deposited in her (Ingrid’s) personal bank account.

“This eventually became very easy for me to prove, together with my inner campaign team. We went to the bank and requested for a printout of the bank statement, which confirmed that there had never been such money deposited on my bank account,” said Furios Turinawe.

However, according to Turinawe, she was being framed and punished by FDC simply because she rejected and petitioned against the malpractices and vote rigging that took place during an internal party poll.

Sources closed to her claimed she was also blamed for being too close to Dr. Besigye at a personal level. She believed UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima was behind her defeat too.

“The rot and blackmail in FDC are beyond measure; right from the top, they frame and destroy anyone who questions them on injustices practised within the party,” said Turinawe.

Turinawe further shares that, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago should be on guard; he should not feel lucky that they are defending him against the current shocking revelation by Gen Salim Saleh regarding the support that he has been enjoying.

“FDC, the party I founded, built, promoted, sacrificed for, and defended for all the years, promoted blackmail, harassed me, and eventually dismissed me without even responding to my petition,” said Turinawe.

One is left to wonder and ask: if FDC can blackmail their own, who have worked tooth and nail to promote and support the party, to what lengths can they go in framing members of other parties or other rival parties? Fire-spitting, Ingrid said.

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