FDC’s Women league Lauds NRM Gov’t for Good Governance and Women Emancipation


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Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) women’s league team on 14th March 2023, while visiting Butabika hospital and ST. Andrews Dispensary to celebrate a belated International Women’s week, commended the NRM government and its leadership for enriching women’s lives through good governance. The team, led by Faridah Nangozi, Secretary for FDC Women’s Affairs stated that the NRM regime has supported  women empowerment which has enabled them to fight for equal opportunities alongside male counter parts.

According to Nangozi, right from the time NRM captured power in 1986, President Musevenihas always echoed the emancipation of womenwhich has led to job creation and financial independence among women across the country.

This government has always had women at heart, it has supported us in all sectors by ensuring affirmative action which has seen many women politicians come up and jobs created in all sectors unlike in the past,” said Nangozi.

Nangozi also noted that women are the heart beat of the nation, which the NRM government has embraced and nursed with care, through elevating women and placing them on the platform where they have ably competed for space with male counter parts, who had dominated society for years.

“As women of FDC, the empowerment has helped us to have courage take on leadership roles in the party and the country, we are encouraging ladies to take up FDC party leadership positions,” said Nangozi. 

“As women we constitute more than half of our Nation’s population, we are good managers of the bulk of households. Women are the backbone of our economy with a bigger percentage engaged in agriculture, literally producing all the food that feeds the country,” she added. 

Nangozi urged the government to continue accelerating women’s economic empowerment and social protection. 

We appreciate and really applaud the NRM for adopting and implementing policies that have been gender sensitive and have pushed us this far,” said Nangozi.

FDC women league believes the government has had women’s interests at heart and has done donkey work in the journey of women emancipation in the country compared to the previous regimes.

Currently, Uganda has various women in positions of power in government, including the Vice President, the Prime Minster, the Speaker of Parliament, and several female ministers on the cabinet. The NRM government also guaranteed that women were fairly represented in parliament by ensuring that all districts have a woman MP. 


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