FDC Katonga Headed for Split as Besigye Fronts Wife Byanyima as Party Flag Bearer


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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Katonga faction, under the interim leadership of Erias Lukwago, has split due to Kizza Besigye’s interest in fronting his wife, Winnie Byanyima, as the flag bearer for the 2026 general elections and party president.

According to Peter Agaba, one of the founding members of the original FDC from Kabale, Besigye is fronting his wife as the flag bearer for the FDC Katonga faction in the 2026 general elections against the wishes of other party members.

“Besigye informed the interim government of the FDC Katonga faction that he is fronting his wife Winnie as a presidential candidate for 2026, arguing that the party is low on finances and she has the money to inject into the party,” Agaba said.

He noted that this move was quickly seconded by the likes of Francis Mwijukye, the interim party treasurer, and Stanley Katembeya, a former contestant for the mayoral seat on the FDC ticket in Mbarara city.

However, the majority of the party members strongly objected to Besigye’s intent, stating that she has not been a resident of Uganda in a long time and that the politics of Uganda have greatly changed. They also questioned the source of her finances.

“We are not in agreement with Besigye fronting his wife; she has been living outside the country for a long time, she has lost touch with the country’s current political dynamics, and secondly, we are not comfortable with the source of her funds, which she intends to inject into the party,” Agaba stated.

“As we are all aware, she is a staunch supporter and advocate of homosexuality, and she has publicly supported and defended gay people, including her own son. We will be directly hanging the party with her involvement; Ugandans don’t forget and don’t support homosexuality,” said Agaba.

He added that party members would not object to a Besigye comeback and would gladly finance him, but they draw the line on Byanyima’s involvement.

“I don’t have anything against Byanyima; actually, she is my personal friend, but what she supports and believes in is what I have a problem with, and I would not support her to join politics. She will face a lot of resistance, even with a lot of support from outside,” stated Agaba.

The FDC has gone through turmoil and changes this year, with the party first splitting into two factions, the Najjanakumbi and the Katonga faction, which will soon be FDC Katonga 1 under Besigye and Winnie and FDC Katonga 2 under the interim government.

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