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Sunday, October 2, 2022

DRC Govt: UPDF- FARDC Joint Strikes Against ADF Terrorists Far From Populated Areas

The Congolese military have clarified that its joint airstrikes with Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) against the ADF terrorists did not affect the local population in the areas of operation.

General Léon-Richard Kasonga, spokesperson for the DRC army says the strikes were carried out far from populated areas.

Gen Kasonga  noted that to preserve defense secrecy and military strategy, the operation duration and troop movements will not be discussed in the public.

For his part, Patrick Muyaya, Minister of Communication and Media, also said that MONUSCO will be systematically informed of the progress of the operations of the two armies on the ground.

Muyaya explained that these operations are being carried out within the framework of a bilateral agreement on military cooperation initiated a few months ago between Uganda and the DRC government.

“This is why Ugandan intelligence officers are present in the Beni military command center. Their Congolese counterparts are located in Mpondwe, on Ugandan territory” Said Patrick Muyaya.

He added that this cooperation made it possible to identify the positions of the ADF rebels in order to target them more effectively.

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