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Security has been tipped of a planned demonstration by some

Street vendors and hawkers in Kampala.

According to the sources in the security Circles, vendors under their umbrella group by the Name New Generation are planning to stage wide spread demonstrations on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 in the central city of Kampala in hope to cause the government to let hawkers back to the streets.

Street Vendors with their merchandise before they were asked to go to gazetted markets.

The sources said that the group intends to disrupt normal business operations in Kampala, forcing everyone to close their shops and go home.

The group further intends to punish whoever does not obey their order. They plan to burn things around town and walk to KCCA demanding to be left in the streets to hawk.

According to police, the security personnel have been tipped on the matter and are ready to swing into action against the demonstrators.

The security warns all people against being lured into this act appealing to all fathers and mothers to make use of the USAFI market and the Wandegeya market which are almost empty.

The government of Uganda last year released a statement asking all street vendors and hawkers to vacate the streets. However, since this statement, a lot has been in play. The idea of relocating streets vendors and hawkers to the markets has since been politicized by some opposition opportunist leaders.

As of 10th January 2022, some vendors and hawkers had moved to the markets at the deadline time against January 16th however some up until now are still on the street against the standing order which was given.

Relocating street vendors and hawkers to the markets has been a progressing program in which Government gave time and created awareness before asking the vendors off the streets.

All vendors were appealed to move to the markets for their own good considering the current security threats in Kampala, relocating to the markets was entirely for their own good and the good of Uganda as a whole.

The existence of street vendors and hackers poses a security threat to the city terrorists who could as well disguise as vendors.

Criminals engaging in petty crimes like snatching bags, phones, and other items from the people could as well disguise as vendors.

As the country has fully reopened its economy, it would be best to concentrate on bridging the gap that the covid 19 caused other than disrupting business over a matter which is of the good of oneself.

Security has vowed to bring to book the group and plans to cause havoc.  A warning has been passed to the public to desist from continuing with such unlawful actions.

The public has also been urged not to fall into the victims of such illegal plans. Members of the public have been warned and asked not to only desist but also report any plans to destabilize the country.





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