Court Charges Five Adults for Involving Children in Street Begging


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The City Hall magistrate court has charged five adults from different localities for violating the Kampala Capital City Child Protection Ordinance 2022 by involving children in street begging.

During the court proceedings, it was underscored that individuals are prohibited from profiting off the earnings generated by children engaged in begging. The court’s stern stance on these offences highlights the seriousness of the issue and the necessity of safeguarding the rights of children.

The ongoing court proceedings have been adjourned, with the accused individuals set to appear before the court again on August 30, 2023. According to Simon Peter Kasyate, the Head of Public and Corporate Affairs at KCCA, the authorities’ quick action not only ensured the immediate rescue of the child caught up in this exploitative practise but also brought these wrongdoers to justice.

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