Confessions of a Dutch Woman: “Uganda is the most beautiful country in the world.”


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 Jetske Kalwij of Bussum Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, on her Tiktok account  stated that Uganda is the most beautiful country she has ever been to. In her tiktok confession, Jetske stated that she will soon visit Uganda and that she cannot wait to do so because Uganda is worth every moment.

Jetske who
 lives 6 months in the Netherlands and 6 months in Uganda, together with her (Ugandan) boyfriend Paul show their life in the 2 different countries and they show how they work together on their different social media Platforms. With over 3000 subscribers Jetske always confesses her love for Uganda and everything in it.

“I realize that I am not only missing my Boyfriend .But I miss the whole freaking Uganda. The Food, the people, the weather. I miss the sun, I want to sit in the sun, I want to eat kikomanda (chappati and beans). Go to Jinja enjoy the nature. I want to have watermelon as breakfast. I want to have jackfruit as a snack. I want to eat matooke and gnuts. I want to visit the malls with only the white people pretending to be better than the locals but they are not. I miss the people calling me “Muzungu” on the streets. I miss everything. I miss Uganda so badly. Uganda is my second home and not because of my boyfriend but because of this freaking country, you are amazing” Jetke gushed on Tiktok.

Jetske, a coach and content creator, first traveled to Uganda for an internship. She has since made it obvious that the country is now her second home, and she is not the first “Muzungu” to feel this way about Uganda.

Recently, Robert Walker a well-known world Sports commentator was over the moon about every part in Uganda. He could not stop gushing about the beauty of Uganda all over social media and also stated that the people and sights were the main attraction.

While a large portion of Ugandans are too preoccupied to appreciate their nation, it is being opened up for those who are aware of how good we have it. 

From the kikomando, to the matooke, to the weather, to most importantly the people, Uganda offers an unlimited variety of goodness that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. 


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